August 29th, 2005

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Havent really got much to update about but im gonna do anyway because im bored.

I should really have spent my holiday more productively. I didnt realise college starts in a week and half and all ive done for most of my holiday is sit at home by myself. I should have gone out more with the people who arent coming to college with me because i might not see them again much when college starts.
I did go to Clitheroe on friday though to see Kate and Tim. But it rained so we didnt go anywhere and Kates mum went out so we stayed at hers and got drunk and ordered pizza. Wasnt the most thrilling of nights but since they start 6th form this friday and i wanted to see them whilst i have the chance.

Ive decided i really dont want to go back to college.
I really dont want to go somewhere where i only know 4 people and they wont be in any of my classes. Everyone says 'oh yeah itl be fine youl just make new friends'. But i dont want to make new friends i like my old ones. Plus im too shy to really talk to anyone.

I enrol for college on wednesday and i have to go talk to someone about taking IT as well since i got such a good gcse result. But i think itl be too much work. Then i have to go buy loads of art and photography stuff.
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