August 25th, 2005


I got my Gcse results back this morning. None of you probably care but im gonna post them anyway. And i got all the grades i need to get into college ^_^

And a letter saying my result came in the top 5 students in the country who took ICT
*^_^* even though i didnt find it hard i have to say i wasnt expecting that because theres thousands of people took the exam so to come in the top 5 is really pleasing.

Anyway results...
Art~ A* Graphics~ A* German~ A* ICT~ A* Dual science~ A*, A*
English~ A English literature~ A Maths~ A
History~ B

But now i dont know whether i should take IT at college next year because i was considering it already but since im doing 2 art subjects i think the workload would be too much. But it seems a shame not to do it since its useful and im good at it.
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