August 14th, 2005


Ok can anyone advise me what to do...
Before i went on holiday i bought an expensive memory card off ebay which it said would be delivered within 8 days max. When it didnt arrive within 8 days i sent the seller an email and he said hed printed the wrong address and was going to resend it and id get it within 5 days. But then i went on holiday 2 days after and i figured if they tried to deliver it and i wasnt in they'd leave a card saying theyd attempted delivery etc. but when i got home 2 weeks later there wasnt a card or anything.
So this morning i tried emailing the seller and found out hed changed his ebay account for some reason and i managed to track down his new one and sent an email asking where the parcel was. He sent me a tracking number for the parcel which i entered on the parcelforce website and it said the parcel was delivered on the 2nd august :S which was whilst i was in spain and noone was in the house.
And then look at this which is supposed to be proof of delivery
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