July 9th, 2005

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Yet again i am sat at the computer bored. My parents decided to cancel their weekend away because 'the weathers so nice we want to barbecue'. :/ i personally cant see why youd cancel a planned weekend trip away so you can have a barbecue in the garden (not even with anyone else round) but hey my family are all weird. It works out well for me because it means i can go out with charlotte tonight and my parents can pick me up tomorrow so i can get to work :)
So tonight i think me and charlotte are going out to Cellar and Lois's boyfriends band are supposedly playing which means Lois and hopefully Kate will be there ^_^ and then staying at charlottes since she has an empty house.

Yesterday i went back to the hairdressers and they said theyd re-dye my hair for free next thursday because its faded already and it looks a lot lighter at the back than at the front. It currently looks a weird brown colour with bits of copper and red in.
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