July 8th, 2005


I have nowhere to go today. Charlotte cancelled our plans because shes going to work for an exra 8 hours. So it looks like il have to find something to do at home which i normally wouldnt mind but ive been stuck at home a lot recently and im running out of things to do. Apart from go on the computer but even thats getting boring.
Yesterday i went to see war of the worlds with Ben. i thought it was ok for an alien movie because normally theyre not the kind of film i like.

Oh yeah this afternoon im going back to the hairdressers i think because my sister has an appointment and my mum wants to ask about my hair which seems to have now gone 2 shades of brown after only 2 washes even though the dye is supposed to be permanent. The black seems to have faded more than the red which is weird because if its going to fade it should be the other way round. My mum doesnt want me to dye it again because she thinks my hair will fall out. I really hope the owner of the hairdressers isnt there im sure shes a transvestite and she always tries to kiss her clients but not just like a quick peck or anything its errm unpleasant but luckily i never have her.

I dont know what to do tomorrow. i was meant to be going out with charlotte and staying at hrs since her parents are away but so are mine so id have no way to get to work on sunday soo i dont think i can do that really. Which means im at home on my own because my sisters going to spain.
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