July 5th, 2005

i think its time for an update...

Hmm nothing has really happened over the past few days to update about.

Friday i went to get my hair done....

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it looked good but my hair never takes dye well so instead of being red and black it went a redish and very dark brown colour with a few lighter bits in so it looks like i have 3 colours instead of 2. Then i washed it once and the supposedly permanent dye which cost me £60 to have done seems to have washed out a lot more than it should and today my hair looks more dark brown and coppery colour. It still looks ok i guess.

Errrm then friday night i went out for the meal with charlotte and her parents. It was better than i expected. We went to a nice chinese place and the people knew charlottes dad so they kept giving us free stuff and wine and cocktails lol.

Then Saturday i went out for a meal with my mum because it was her birthday. Sunday i went to work and yesterday i did absolutely nothing. This afternoon im supposed to be going to the gym :( ive never ever been a member of a gym because i hate exercise. But since ive been home 2 weeks sitting in front of a computer with lots of food it seems im starting to get fat. So my mum wanted me to join the gym with her because it'll make her go or something. Im not paying though and i dont plan to go for long really.

Errrm i think thats all.
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