June 7th, 2005

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I think i failed my maths. I left about half the pages blank because i didnt have a clue how to do half the stuff. My teacher wouldnt let me do the intermediate paper because he thinks il get an A* for some reason (hes an idiot) and the highest you can get on intermediate is a grade B. If ive done well i should get about 50% which is a grade C but i need at least a B to get into college :( it gets averaged with another paper i have to do next week though but i doubt il do well on that either.
Tomorrow i have a graphics exam that runs on an hour later than school does :( which sucks and means il be waiting around for an hour after that because my bus comes every 2 hours. Most people get to go home at lunch :(
Ive forgotten what i was going to write.
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