June 2nd, 2005

bored & small friends cut

Im so bored. I really do need to do something. Ive had no school for a week and a bit and i think ive only been out once. The problem is i dont seem to have any money and i cant figure out why if im not going out anywhere. Tomorrow i should be going to the cinema to see sin city but two of the people who said theyd come and we would all go together have made 'alternative arrangements' to go see it and not invited any of us. so theres 4 of us meant to be going to the cinema down my road but everyone seems to have transport problems so im tempted to just cancel it. Now they know how hard it is for me to get anywhere everytime i meet them since my house is miles away. Oh well maybe il go on my own. I actually did some studying today since i have 7 exams next week and i cant do maths to save my life.
My mums taking me to Leeds saturday hopefully since i needs clothes and stuff.

Poor Cecil my goldfish has died. I thought there was a funny smell in my room so i think he might have been dead a few days and i just didnt notice since my family were on holiday and i had the house to myself so i wasnt in my room much. The other fish looks lonely now so i wanna go buy a new one.

Ive just realised how sad i sound. Ah well.

Im doing a small friends cut not that i have many friends anyway but im removing a few people. Nothing to worry about.
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