May 21st, 2005

(no subject)

Well im bored and sat here tonight because i cant go out :( so i thought id update.
Yesterday we left school :) finally. Errm everyone was planning on going into clitheroe and getting wrecked but we didnt actually end up too wrecked. I went to Kates house and charlotte an jo are now pissed off because i didnt go with them. I havent been out with kate in ages though and she lives in clitheroe and wanted me to stay at hers so i did. Then we went out again to meet Tim Jason Jamie and Lois and sat at middle bench for a few hours driking. Then it poured down and after waiting half an hour realised it wasnt going to stop so we all had to go back to kates. Cant say the night was particularly special or interesting in any way but it was a good night.

Me and Kd are having problems. I wont bore people by writing about it though and i dont really know whats going on myself but hes gone all moody and doesnt know if he wants to go out with me. But then he was round at my house today because he was doing some work in the garden for my dad which he failed to tell me and we talked a bit and i think its all ok but i dont know really.