May 12th, 2005

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mwahaha my new camera has arrived today so anyone who liked it when i didnt post many photos..tough luck :p

Finch last night was ok. it would probably have been netter if i liked the band more or knew more songs. it wasnt really my kinda gig but they sounded quite good and since it was only a small venue i was really close to them. Unfortunately i decided to stand right by all the amps and today i really cant hear much and have a headache and im really tired.
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I think im going out tomorrow night with charlotte and jo to cellar. I told my mum i wouldnt since i have important exams soon and i havent started revising but its only one night so yeah i am doing. I dont think interesting people will be out :( i wanna see Owen again but i doubt he'll be out. Plus i need someone to buy me drinks since i have no money. Then saturday i have to go to town to buy some stuff for stand down day next friday and a book for people to sign. not that many people will. i dont think im gonna see kd at all which doesnt bother me since he was being stupid last week and earlier this week. He'll probably be pissed off though.

Sunday is prom day. I have a camera now so il take many pictures.

The art teacher is still a bitch. She told me to throw half my work away because it wasnt as good as mine normally is - because i had to do it all in 5 days due to her which i pointed out. Now shes making me do some horrible watercolour thing which is meant ot be in on thursday as well as a list of other stuff she wants doing. She doesnt appreciate the fact that i have other work to do and my mums annoyed with her for giving it me to do in the time im meant ot be revising for my gcses.
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