May 10th, 2005

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im goin to finch tomorrow. dont know why its not really my kinda music but some of its ok and jo just got me a ticket and told me to go so i am. some guy from myspace whos seen me in town is going an wants to meet me. he definitely knows me but i dont have clue who he is :s
ive finally got a friend who lives a walkable distance from my house. i went over there for a bit before but he has some weird french exchange guy who was walking round the house in swimming goggles and wouldnt let me leave.
my day hasnt really been thrilling we had a school photo and had to stand on the top of a scaffolding thing for 45 minutes in the cold. i only have 1 week and a half left of school :) :) :) then i can leave finally well after my exams are done. me and jordan are already planning our last day.