May 4th, 2005

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Oooo ive finally ordered a new camera (the same as the one that got stolen at new year the kodak ls743) i only managed to get it because my mum offered to pay for it. Which was nice and unexpected.
Ive finished all my work now all i have left to do is revise...which im incapable of doing it just sends me to sleep.
Im going to see finch next wednesday, dont know why, jo just bought me a ticket and told me i was going. Which also means i owe her money i think.
Then next sunday its the prom. Im having trouble finding suitable shoes that fit. I spent 2 days last weekend looking but because i have oddly shaped/sized feet its kidna hard and i have to go back to manchester this weekend again. But it means i can get new clothes hopefully because when i went on monday all the good clothes shops were shut.
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