April 11th, 2005


Hmm i havent updated in a while so i will do.

I havent commented much recently because im too busy. I really do have too much work for school. I was planning to actually start exam revision around easter time for my gcses since i havent paid much attention all year but i cant because they keep giving us too much other work.

I had to sit between 2 smelly pregnant looking men in lederhosen on the bus today. That wasnt fun.

Im £40 in debt and meant to be going to Paris this weekend for Emilys birthday (when she hasnt even spoken to me in about 3 months). I really dont wanna go.

Im not getting much sleep because im up doing work until about 2 and have to get up at half 6 for school.

I need to finish my art prep for my actual exam by next thursday. The teacher said we had another 3 weeks but then i checked the dates and its just over a week. Shes a complete idiot. I have to do graphics coursework for next Friday too. Doing just my art and graphics would take up enough time since theres so much stuff for them but then other teachers give us work too which ive now stopped doing because i dont have time. My mum said i could take a day off next week just to do work since there really is that much i need to do.

I have to miss work this weekend because of Paris which means i get no money and the boss wasnt happy.

I think all my friends are starting to dislike me. Maybe its just me being paranoid. I read all their myspace profiles and they all leave each other thousands of comments yet they never leave me any anymore. Jo organised a trip to the cinema on Friday night with everyone except me but then Charlotte asked me if i was going so i ended up finding out about it and i went along because charlotte told me i should. Plus theyd all gone out to Cellar first and me and Kd were gonna be there anyway. She keeps organising things but not telling me which is pissing me off since shes meant to be one of my best friends.

I stayed at Kds all weekend which was nice but now ive realised i wont be able to see him this weekend or this week :(

Errrm i think thats all :(

Oh yeah people keep asking me if im taking anything because apparently i look delerious all the time and i keep hearing things which cant be good. I really dont feel well. Im gona get 2 huge bruises tomorrow too because people threw a rounders ball at me.
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