April 5th, 2005

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I got Download tickets! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! *^__________^*
Which means il get to see system of a down, lacuna coil, slipknot, nightwish, chimaira and killswitch engage amongst a load of other good bands. Last year it was probably the best weekend of my life.
Im waiting for my Nine Inch Nails tickets to arrive now but the post is being annoying with them.
Apparently im going to see Finch next month even though i wasnt told this until last week and didnt even get asked if i was free or wanted to but Jos bought me a ticket :s

Oh yeah and also im apparently going to Paris the weekend after next for Emilys birthday (which i had completely forgotten about). I havent actually spoken to her in a few months because she hangs around with new people now. Originally there were 6 of us going even though me and Charlotte wanted to go to a gig on the Friday but we thought to be nice we wouldnt do. The Emily fell out with Jo and Oliver and kicked them off the trip because shes awkward and she rebooked it all so theres me, charlotte, her and i think her boyfriend going. I really dont wanna go now :(

And now ive gotta go do work :(
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