March 21st, 2005


I am not pleased. This is my holiday and a time which id normally use to catch up on sleep expecially since ive been ill for the past week :( but this morning i got woken up at some stupid hour. Firstly the electricity started going on and off at a stupid hour of the morning (about half 6/7) and my video player kept going on and off and on and off and making noises which woke me up. Then someone kept ringing the doorbell and the phone but i managed to go back to sleep. Then, just as id gone to sleep i got woken up to the sound of trucks reversing and a pneumatic (however its spelt) drill, a bulldozer and a little vehicle with flashing lights and a mini siren coming from my garden...

These are the so called 'gardener men coming to do the garden up'. Which apparently demolishing it rather than planting flowers or something like id expected.
Great so im going to have no sleep for the rest of my holiday. Im sure my mum schedules these things around my holidays. Summer she got the house half knocked down and extended and christmas she got the drive taken up and repaved. She doesnt even need to do them in a holiday since she works at home anyway so shes always there.

Havent got much planned for the rest of my holiday :( im going otu friday i think apart from that theres nothing going on but i gues i do have a lot of work which i should do.
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