March 13th, 2005

day off

I couldnt go to work today because im ill :( ive got a temperature and this morning i was shaking and kept wanting to throw up. Its got better throughout the day though. So i was pretty happy about the day off but then realised that means i wont be getting paid next week or able to pick up my wage. Then i realised its Olivers birthday Tuesday and A)i havent got him anything and B)now i have no money to.

I went out last night to Vies. Me and Kd got loads of beer from morrisons first so i was kinda wasted but it was a good night anyway. When ive been drinking i get really sociable which is why i drink a lot because normally im really shy. I met loads of random people and ended up talking to Dave most of the night even though id decided i wasnt gonna go near the guy again. Then i went back to Kds but he lost his wallet in the taxi which we realised when we discovered we were locked out of his house and neither of us had credit on our phones. So we had to sit out on the street for an hour and it was freezing.

And now im off to go do some work for my art exam.
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