March 10th, 2005


im in a really angry mood and i dont know why. Ive had a really bad headache all day because Kd fell on my head yesterday and bashed it into the floor and hes really heavy an it nearly gave me concussion or something. People at school this week have annoyed me a lot. Theres a whole rant i could go into about the art department but im not going to. I have less than a week now to do all my prep for my art gcse which she changed the date of today so its even sooner. Dobson has now taken to hissing at me and whatever when he sees me and i really wish hed go die somewhere. He punched some guy in third year yesterday for no reason an nearly broke the guys nose but when the head asked for witnesses to what happened all Dobsons friends have said that the 3rd year hit dobson - which he clearly didnt. If they did figure out Dobson did it he might get expelled since hes on some kidnda behaviour contract at the moment. The school has ridiculous rules. Today i was working on my art at lunch and went for lunch and came back to carry on but one of the dinner ladies decided i wasnt allowed in the art room because i was just using it as an excuse so i didnt have to go outside and she stood in front of the door and told me i had to go outside so i was about to start screaming at her because she didnt beleive i was doing my gcse stuff but then ben dragged me off and locked me outside and it took me 15 minutes to get back inside.
I have a word processing exam tomorrow and some kinda timed english essay and a load of other work. The teachers think we arent getting homework after the mocks so theyre giving us loads but i dont even have the time to do my art and graphics without having a load of other stuff which isnt even important.
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