February 20th, 2005


hmm i feel ill :( everyone seems to be getting flu kinda illnesses at the moment.

Ive been out since thursday so i apologise for the lack of commenting.

Cant remember what i did thursday :s friday i went to kds and then we went out to the cellar bar at night. Nobody i knew was really there and i had no money which sucked but it was actually quite a good night. I met a guy called andy who i knew before but didnt really talk to but i talked to him loadsa friday and found hes actually one of the funniest people ive met. He made me style his hair 'like wolverine' when he was drunk and told me about how he beleives chiuauas (or however you spell it) are aliens and about some woman screwing a budgies head on backwards. i got told i associate with the weirdest people...which is true. Then i stayed over at kds.

Saturday i went into town for a bit in the afternoon but its freezing and boring. Then i went on a trip to Clitheroe to see all my friends over there because i havent seen them for over a week.
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last night

After i went to clitheroe we ended up going back to town and to Vies later on (the rock club i go to). That was good and there were loads of people out who i wanted to talk to.

Then charlotte turned up and so did clem and then clem decided to split up with her. He only asked her back out a week ago i really dont get that guy. So anway clem came to find me and told me hed just split up with her and i was going to go find charlotte but instead i stayed with clem because he was banging his head into the wall and stuff and i had to calm him down. That was hard because every time we got into a conversation about important stuff some drunk person or a gay guy who likes clem would come over and interrupt. So than clem got angrier and then some big guy and two girls came over and tried to kick off with clem because apparently clem had been giving him evils all day (when actually clem was just in a bad mood and looked at eveyone like that. Id heard the guy earlier talking to someone saying how much he hated clem and wanted to go hit him so i told clem which might have been another reason why clem kept giving him evils. So then i had to calm them all down before something happened.
Then charlotte appeared, completely wasted to try and get over being dumped so i had to take care of her for a bit. Then we thought it was time for kerry to take charlotte home but as soon as we walked out of the toilets clem was outside kissing the guy that kept interrupting out conversation earlier. So i had to shove charlotte back in the toilets so she didnt see and went and told clem he had to move or stop or something.

Oh yeah i was out with kate and the people from clitheroe when her boyfriend suddenly got really angry and called everyone 'ungrateful twats'and then he left and later on at vies they were having a big argument too and i had to look after kate. Presumably thats sorted now and me and kate went back to his house later for a bit. i dont think he has a problem with me or kate i think its the others we were with that he doesnt like.

Anyway im rambling now but basically i spent my night looking after charlotte and clem and sorting stuff out for everyone else and then i realised i had to go. Then kd got angry with me because i hadnt had time to go see him really because id been busy and now hes not replying to my messages which is stupid.

I have to go to work soon it sucks i feel ill :( i have the day off school tomorrow though but i have a big german speaking exam on tuesday and i havent even finished writing it yet :(
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