February 7th, 2005

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Rammstein kicked ass ^_^ wish id had my camera though. I got about 40 pictures on my phone (which is a little over the top) but most of them arent any good. So i tried video clips but the sound on them is poor and they only last 9 seconds so yeah they arent any good. If id had the camera theyd be about 100 times better. lol someone managed to steal charlottes bra strap in the pit.
Yesterday morning at work it was really busy and jordan wasnt working and the head chef was off so i was rusing around everywhere and ive burned my hand about 4 times but theres a really big nasty burn all down my thumb :(

I have the morning off tomorrow because my german oral got cancelled :) yaaay so i get sleep. i didnt have any last night really we got back from the gig at about half 12 and then charlotte stopepd at mine an had to get up at half 6.

Ive got a lot of stuff planned next weekend :) so that should be fun. I still dunno what to get for kd for valentines day but apparently hes got me something so i kinda have to get something or id feel bad. Plus i have friday off and thursday afternoon.
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