January 25th, 2005

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Oh yeah me an Kd have made up. not that id ever fallen out with him...well not really much. i still dunno what was wrong with him - 'i just needed a break and some time to get round saturday' well what about saturday? nothing i did on saturday night was really my fault - i got my drink spiked. Anyway when he rang me last night i went into an explanation about how could kerry be fine and me like that when we had the same to drink and then he suggested id had my drink spiked. so then i told him that was what me and charlotte thought but we didnt wanna tell him because hed tell kerry and shed get mad and it'd made stuff worse plus i didnt think hed beleive me. seems he does and all is well and everyones forgetting about saturday now ^_^

nothing much else to say. ben punched a big hole through the wall at school today by accident...
yeah that shows how poorly the school is built. he jokingly hit the wall and his hand just went right through it lol
Cant wait to leave that place. we got an assembly today where they told us that in may we officially leave and are no longer part of the school but then someone asked if it mattered if we didnt wear school uniform or if we dyed our hair or whatever when we came abck for the exams and we got 'no no dont be stupid you are still a part of this school and so it is necessary to look smart and representable' wtf thats a little contradictory.

my feet froze to the floor in the conservatory :( it hurt