January 21st, 2005

aaarrt ^_^

Yes finally we have art :P well if you want to call it art anyway.
I decided to do a big pencil and graphite drawing for a change because sometimes they look better than my paintings.

So umm anyway...
Had to scan it in two parts and its not scanned very well and you can see teh line where they join but my computer keeps freezing when i try to adjust it. :( if only i had my digital camera back...

Fallen angel

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Yaaay im goin out tomorrow night ^_^ i havent been out on a saturday night in ages because i usually go otu fridays now. And im staying at Kerrys and i havent seen her in a few weeks. Were going to a house party at kerrys friends house for a bit and then going out to town and then back to kerrys. The only thing i think might go wrong is Charlottes planning on talking to Clem about the break. Which is the only way for those two to sort things but you never know..it could end up going badly.
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