January 20th, 2005

hey hey

Hey am in a better mood today. dont know why but its a good thing ^_^

Heres some pictures i took with my digital camera before some bastard stole it lol...not very thrilling. oh yeah ashecorven if youre reading this there are actually some of me smiling since you demanded it lol

ah see i look happy there for a change because i have absinthe ^_^

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we still dont know if jason has scabies :S i really hope i dont get them or il never talk to him again.

Ruth is annoying me. i swear im gonna report her to someone for sexual harrasment. She knows i hate her iv tld her and made it clear so why she feels the need to strake me and rub her ass on me i dont know. even when i run off screaming she follows me. and shes so goddamn nosey. ive shouted at her to go away and stop eavesdropping and that im in a private conversation almost every day this week.
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