January 18th, 2005

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OK GUYS I NEED A WAY TO MAKE MONEY :( i think i may start selling stuff on ebay

oh yeah plus theres rumours that my friend Jason has scabies. theres definitely something on his arms. so i really hope i havent got them or il kill him. everyones been avoiding him all day though so i feel kinda bad. nobodys actually asked him about it though.

Some guy called dobson at school wont stop spreading rumours about everything and lately it seems to be me. i really hate him. really really. i think he made up the jsaon scabies thing possibly, he made up that my boyfriends gay (amongst other stuff), that ruth has crabs (although that wouldnt suprise me) and a load of stuff about me and ben. if he carrys on im gonna end up screaming at him.

i could get so many people in that school for sexual harassment. ruth today. she knows i hate her. she knows i do and yet she spends her day trying to follow me and stroke me and she keeps grabbing me and wont let go an today she kept tryin to feel may ass til i screamed at her an ran off.
look how shit the english weather is...

all that is water and mud

and that is how grey it is outside. its all dreary and like walking around in this permanent grey cloud :(

oh yeah i forgot to mention - i was meant ot be seeing killswitch engage on saturday but now dave hasnt got the tickes so i cant