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I sToLe AnOtHeR dIaRy.. [entries|friends|calendar]
MiSs BoNnIe KaThLeEn WrIgHt

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NO I WILL NOT CUT THIS [16 Apr 2005|05:41pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

((As tough as this is..I think I'm gonna have to give up Bonnie. Obviously I've not been around much and I really don't like half assedly applying myself to something. Bonnie deserves a better player, one that will be around more and join in with all the AIMing and storylines and comments and whatnot. I miss being in our cute little band of friends where we'd have a shenanigen every week, but alas times seem to have changed. I'll probably come back in some other shape or form, but I do need a break. I'm gonna miss you crazy kids. You can always come visit me at my civvie journal myownmoan.

If anyone is interested in taking Bonnie on..please apply within. But seriously, have a brain. Be good to her and her friends.

Sob :'(

Goodbye peoples..))

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[15 Mar 2005|06:44pm]
[ mood | content ]


Hi everybody. How are we all? Spiffing I hope.

Firstly happy 22nd lil mister Biggerstaff...that in it's self was a total contradiction but what do I care I'm fourteen for christ's sake. Anyway, Happy Birthday my scottish badger, I am looking forward to seeing "The girl with red hair" Which is so obviously you proclaiming your undying love for me. Obviously.

Sigh, St Patrick's day this thursday. I miss Devon. Who is up for a ikkle weekend of binge drinking and plastic shamrocks...guinness and leprechauns...I will adopt the accent for a day, don myself with some kind of green outfit and blend on in what with my paleness and auburn (NOT RED) hair. BUT YES LET US GO TO IRELAND!!

I am currently residing in Belle France, avec Emma, Cle...and I have reason to believe Dan is still knocking about the place somewhere. Emma popped home for some award thing or another the other day, all a bit boring but she did get to meet the "Shawn of the Dead" guys which is pretty awesome. She brought me back some tea, mmmmmm tea. I'm not hardcore enough to handle the tar this lot drink over here..infact I can't deal with coffee in all spheres...not even icecream!

Sob they don't have Ben and Jerrie's over here.

But the shampoos smell soooooo nice.

Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupert the bear! Hahaha more people need to watch Dick and Dom in da Bungalow....dude, come on, Ru walking around galleries shouting "boogies" makes for good tv!

Is it odd that I don't like the OC?

I demand spamming just so I feel loved. NOW.

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[18 Feb 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I'm 14 and in France!

I'm too old to say I miss my mother but I'm young enough to say I want presents from all of you.

Hi everybody let's do something, and why the crap are none of you on Aim ever? Tom, I don't think I have ever actually spoken to you on AIM which is one lame assed mother flipper.

Dan don't be sick in any more vegetables.

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[01 Feb 2005|10:15pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Let me be the first to warn you it's my birthday on the 17th.

Blah fill me in on stuff! Wtf Emma and Tom were dating?!

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woah now that's a bit demanding [02 Jan 2005|08:31pm]
[ mood | high ]

Stolen from Tom.

1. Reply & I will write something great about you. (or whatever)
2. I will then tell you what song[s] remind me of you.
3. Last, i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
4. Put this in your journal.

bring it on 2005. Fuck it's 2005.

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bored. [22 Dec 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | content ]

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

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That warm fuzzy christmas feeling. [10 Dec 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I have a crick in my neck from ballet that I can't get rid of. It really is driving me insane. So I'm walking around as if my earring is caught on my t shirt. Great look. Really it is.

Today in theater studies we had to actually walk around the school as if we were old. Like full on..closer to death than life type old people. It was one of the best exercises we have had so far at this school. Musical stage is going well too, but I hurt my throat today doing my scales..which was pretty damn retarded of me. So yay now I sound like a middle aged male smoker. How nice for you all.

I have bought 7 pairs of shoes in a 2 day span. I feel poor now.

The family is going to get a tree tomorrow. So this means about 2 hours of the parents making a terrible mess and swearing like sailors whilst trying to trim it down juuuuust right. Then the decorating process which consists of me smashing just about everything remotely delicate, and if it isn't all that delicate...no worries I will probably tread on it at some point and do it in that way. Then at some point the cat and the puppy will make a running dash into the tree and bring the whole thing down...blah..blah..more swearing.

Hahahahaaha Dan I have tickets for Babyshambles, I bet you don't.

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icons durrrr [03 Dec 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Please make me icons I beg of thee.

icons in wantCollapse )

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I broke two nails tryimg to do this fast. Sob. [28 Nov 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So I'm glad you all bought the DVD. Obviously for my whole two lines. One of which is in the extra bits. The film is worth buying just for that. OBVIOUSLY. The night was good. Amazingly tacky. But fun all the same. The Dan-a-like kinda scared me. The me-a-like wasn't there and that saddened me. Everyone (maybe minus Dan's mop) looked pretty.

I did BBC ministry of mayhem the other week. I ended up eating a chocolate full of hot sauce. SO what have we learned children? Don't trust the bbc. The Phelps' got to do fun stuff like drink tea and throw cakes. But not the small redheaded girl. Oh no sirey bob. lwesjfldjfldjdhgfhgkfhgfhghfkgh'qad'ad.

I am ruling the yule ball dance lessons at the moment. I'm giving half the cast lessons at the moment. Mostly boys...due to their severe two left feet syndrome. My dress is all pretty and 50's style type thingie.

maybe I'll go poke Devon for a bit. Go check out his official site and you can see pictures of him all small and dressed ridiculously. Good fun for all really.

OMG I SO BADLY NEED NEW ICONS!!! I WILL ACTUALLY WORSHIP YOU. Yes please make sure I don't look like a total minger in them kthnx.
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thank you and goodnight. [20 Nov 2004|01:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I'd just like to point out how amazingly hot me and Emma are.

mmm legsCollapse )

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[24 Oct 2004|05:13pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Guess who's been accepted to the Talented young performers school of excellence? That's right me. I'm so pleased I keep on having little crying fits. The auditions were as hard as hell. Even though acting is well...what I'm known for, it was so hard. They gave me a friggin Shakespeare monologue. I almost died. It was that scene from Macbeth where Lady Macbeth is in a sort of dream state and thinks she can see the King's blood on her hands. Great play-anyway, I struggled with that a little, but those damn auditioners never show any signs as to how they thought you did anyway. Dance section was easy as piss and the singing was challenging but easy at the same time. I still get nervous when I'm asked to sing akapella. Anyway, sorry that was my little selfish rant.

I did some BBC thing the other day called "Agatha Christie: A life In pictures" that was the most boring experience of my life. And I didn't have to watch the bloody thing. So yeah sorry all you law abiding watchers of the BBC. :-S

Filming is..hectic. Let's leave it at that kthnx.

POA comes out soon. Who's gonna buy the thing? You should all buy it for my oscar winning one liner. Oh yes you should.

I miss people. I mean I see you guys on set, but it's not the same. That's work. We need to do something. And yes Emily I will be at the party donned in my little mermaid outfit of course.

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Ireland. [03 Oct 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yeah sorry I have been so inactive. Work and stuff, you know how it goes. Plus I'm just lazy.

Eurgh updates are hard.

My mum is incredibly pissed off with me. She came into my room, sat on the end of my bed and attempted to have one of those famed "mother daughter talks". She tried the school angle, then the work angle, then the life angle..then the boys angle. She kept on mentioning Devon, and how it's not really normal for a girl and a boy to be as close as we are. This made me very angry. I stood up on my bed and promptly started screaming at her, telling her it was none of her business and what not. She is now only talking to me via my dad, and keeps on moaning about how I have transformed into a secretive, spiteful, hormonal teenager overnight.

Well that was two days ago. Devon had Collectormainia 6 on saturday and straight after was scheduled to go home for a while. He told me I looked like I needed a change of scenery and should come with him. So I did. Again much to my mother's disgust. But my daddy okayed it so off I went. Devon's is lovely. It's so refreshing to be away from London, away from...well everything, to be able to see green for a change..I like his family, his mum and Dad are lovely. He took me down to see all his horses, (he has like 6 or something now) and practically freaked out when he saw them. It was really nice to see.

Well we are gonna go get a pint now down at the "Coat's arms". So I will talk to you all later.

Emma I can't wait for Portugal! <333

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[30 Sep 2004|08:30pm]
WTF where is everyone? >:-
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[18 Sep 2004|09:20pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I have been pretty busy recently. Filming, traveling, growing myself some boobs, shopping, school and whatnot..that's my excuse for being antisocial really.

It's cold again now. And raining. And just minging (that means gross for all you yanks). I get cold really easily due to my skinniness really..well that's what my mum says anyway. Oh all that stuff is going fine by the way, I'm up to two meals a day-which is really good.

Back at school. I don't mind school. I go to an arts school. So mt timetable is full of stuff I actually enjoy, not algebra and physics and what not. I had some art of mine entered for a regional competition and I came third. I'm quite pleased with that. You see, I am capable of more than pretending to be dead/scared/on drugs. Being away from school for so long really made me realise how much I missed my friends. Now things are more normal..I make sure I save time for them, to do girlie stuff, like pointing and giggling at boys, getting our nails done and going to the cinema. Sometimes I don't like this movie stuff..I don't get to be normal. I don't get to pass notes to my girlfriends about the boy sitting in front of me, bitch about the canteen food, complain about the homework, skive off pe...But I do love what I do.

People seem to be dying on me. Where has James/Alfie/Matt gone? We need them. I never did get to talk to Alfie on AIM..nor have a recent adventure with James..or even plait Matt's hair. All very annoying. COME BACK OR FACE BONNIE STYLE WRATH!

Dan and Emma are making a go of things again apparently. Go for it guys. DAN behave yourself this time or you too will get some wrath. Severe wrath. Emma let me know when we are off to on our holidays (vacation) sweetie! I am excited.

Come on AIM NOW.

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This is all random really [11 Sep 2004|03:22am]

I'm too tired to update properly. I feel the need to do something spectacular. Who wants in?

Oh and can someone resize this for me?  It's a wikkle bit too big.

Why is no-one on AIM? You all need spanking.

I just found out I can do a backflip and land in the splits, how cool is that.

Hello Emma, Katie, Genny, Dev, Ru, Dan, James, Oliver, Alfie, Matt, Gemma, Tom, Jesse, Rachel, The Geldof's...

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<3 [31 Aug 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

BACK. Yes really I am, I mean it.

I have no real reason for my abscence..I just needed to take a break really. My mum sent me to this "country retreat" health farm thing, which in fact was a kind of rehab center for kids with eating disorders. There was about 20 of us, mixtures of bulimia and anorexia. Some were nice, some were complete fucking bitches to be honest. Some were so blinded by their condition that they would eat nothing and just sleep all day...they would pass out all the time and not look in mirrors. They showed me what I could turn into if I'm not careful, they gave me the strength I needed to convince myself that I do need to get better. I have to do this, I don't want to turn into that.

On to more-nothowcrapIam-topics. RuRu dearest's party. Well it started off great, My outfit (put together by the wonderful Miss Watson) was damn hot, but I have to admit that being cautious of any open flames is quite tiresome, damn hairspray. I'm still a bloody good skater, lets face it, it wasn't too long ago I was messing about with the other kids in the road outside my house. Devon was all speedy and pretty much making everyone fall over just because they got so scared when he came up behind them so fast. Dan was very funny and I am surprised his coxix is still in one piece, that's the end of your spine not something rude, get your minds out of the gutter! Of course drinking wasn't really helping the matter, but it sure as hell made the situation funnier. Ruru was singing again and snogging anything with legs. I think this whole skating thing was just an excuse for him to fall on people and grope them, especially the Olsen twin..I forget which one.

Everything was great until Emma practically killed herself. I don't think I have ever been so bloody scared in my life. I really thought she was dead, luckily just passed out, but alcohol poisoning is no laughing matter either. I went with her in the ambulance, holding her hand as they hooked her up to a drip. I don't know if she even knew I was there..she was totally out of it. I sat with her in the hospital for ages and eventually Sean (biggerstuff ) drove me home.

Well yet again I am behind on all the gossip and in the space of time I have been gone someone has dumped someone and someone hooked up with someone else. I demand to know people.

Ru I'm gonna come over and give you your gift. <3 that is not dirty.

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I'm sorry. [22 Aug 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Right..well..I thought I should post something longer than a drunken vomit of words.

Well I wish I had something exciting and cheery to say, unfortunately I don't. I'm sorry the spoil all the newfound happiness and whatnot, but I feel like I should tell you before rumors spread and word gets out. Yes I have been diagnosed with Anorexia. I am dealing with it so please don't fuss over me. I know people will have different reactions, Devon got angry. To me it's an insignificant moment soon to pass in my life. I refuse to let this little problem come between myself and my job, more importantly my friends. I know it will seem stupid to you, I just felt like the only aspect of control I had over my life was my weight, so I started obsessing over it. I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago, I had collapsed at the stables and Devon found me and called an amubulance. I don't want to worry you, I just felt I should tell you. I don't want your sympathy but I do need your friendship to help me get through this. I am not a different person, so please don't tiptoe around me and start acting any different...just, you know..make sure I'm eating something.

I feel like such a pratt.

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pass the cheap beer Dan. Rupert get off the shelving unit. [19 Aug 2004|03:20am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I'm not durnk I sweeawr.

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[15 Aug 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I was sick. Very very sick. Now Devon has it and my mum has banned me from going in his room so I don't get sick again. He is very green the poor thing.

Right so I am pretty out of the loop but here is what I know so far:

Genny and baby Grint are dating!! Can I get an "aaaaaaw"?

Ru/Dan seem pretty darn gay to me.

Dan married Ashlee=very upset Emma.

I STILL have no boyfriend. And no not Devon ever.


Ru I want that dress or you will never get that Tshirt I had made for you. Go get me some winnings boy! Pump those masculine arms on the slots!

Alfie said he maybe will forgive me! :')

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[05 Aug 2004|06:26pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Just so you all know, I don't think Devon's threats were very sincere, so I think we are safe Tom. He walked into my room looking all angry and what not, I was preparing myself for a Devon shaped explosion but he pounced and we had a tickle fight. NO WE ARE NOT DATING.

Speaking of dating Alfie is here. He FINALLY got a journal. Sob maybe he has decided to forgive me now...I miss him. Alfie if your reading I really am sorry about me and Dan.

Well filming is off for a whole week!!!!..!! Dan has buggered off so they decided to give us all the week off. Whiiiiich means we all must do something. Like a big old get together and do crazy adolescent things. Speaking of crazy adolescent things Ruru I have your "young, free, rich and single" T shirt in my wardrobe. I hope it fits over your arms!!!

I have been hanging out with the Geldof girls quite a bit, shopping and doing ridiculously girly things at their house. I could have died when Bob Geldof casually walked into the room and asked if we wanted any lemonade. I bought a fabulous dress with a pretty cherry print, very 50's cept minus the poodle and the general puffiness.

Hurray I have tickets for Snow Patrol! *dances*

Sob you wouldn't believe how long it took me to spell adolescent. :'(

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