Ali (_boi_oh_boi_) wrote,

Thanksgiving was a lot more fun that I expected it to be. I saw more or less my whole family, and everyone even acted normal... well by our standards! Everyone was really excited to see each other and there were no snafus to speak of. I think this is a first, in my family. I of course went shopping on Friday. I expected it to be like every other black friday: insanely crowded, fighting for a parking spot for at least half an hour, and at least 2 near death experiences. Well, the King of Prussia mall was crowded, yes. But i found a parking spot within 2 minutes and I didn't even have to tail leaving shoppers. It was WAY to easy. there was no challenge this year. I'm used to Black Friday Shopping being a varsity sport, but this year it was intermurals. I was less than pleased. Oh well. Anyway, I'm now back at school, which I was ready for. I mean I loved seeing everyone, but I needed to be back here. I dunno how I'm gonna last for a month at home over winter break. eek! I'll just have to travel a lot. Oh well, now back to my paper on Rousseau vs. Chomsky. 2 pages down, 4 to go. not bad at all!
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