Ali (_boi_oh_boi_) wrote,

So today is wonderful registration day. ALL the classes I wanted for next semester are full. I emailed the profs so hopefully I can sweet talk my way in, or get on a waitling list and pray that people drop the class. As of right now, I've registered for 4 classes... all of which meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which sucks. Cuz yeah MWF will be awesome, but T/Th will SUCK MONKEY BALLS. oh, and I'm getting half a credit for becoming a certified lifeguard (okay, that's one thing that's on Mondays). Here's hoping something shifts so that I can take better classes. Right now I'm signed up for:
- Shakespeare (okay, I'm not gonna lie, I really am excited about this class, obviously)
- Intro to Women and Gender Studies
- The Crusades and Midieval Culture
- Learning and Memory (hey, at least it's a Psych class, and as a Psych major that's kinda important)

I really want to take Visual Geometry: Math in Art and Architechture, Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, and Brain and Behavior. So we'll see if I can manage to get into any of those.
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