Ali (_boi_oh_boi_) wrote,

actual update

it has been called to my attention that i dont ever really update and i guess i stopped=ish mainly for 2 reasons. first, i felt that there was a sudden drop off in comments so i felt that no one was ever reading anyway, and also with taking a year off nothing was going on so i didn't really have anything to write about. anyway, i'm back and since school is starting up soon i'm sure i'll have more to write/bitch about.

So i leave for CT on Wednesday afternoon. I feel like the days are slipping by. Did you ever notice that whenever you want to slow time down it seems to fly by, but whenever you're anxious for something to happen and want time to fly it drags on ever so slowly. fucking irony. grr. anyway, i know that once i get to Trinity everything will be fine and i'll be really excited about all that's going on, but right now i'm acting like a 5 year old, stamping my foot, and saying "i dont wanna go!" I'm just worried that something will change between me and Chris. I know that it won't and i'll come home and he'll visit me and technology will making things a lot easier, but i'm still worried. I guess it's just that i dont know what things will be like so once they get started and i see that things are fine then i'll relax. but right now i want to spend as much time with him as i can and unfortunately even when i spend 7 hours with him, it flies by and seems like it's only been an hour at most. oh well. i will go and things will be fine but as much as i tell myself that, i'll never truly be convinced until it happens.
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