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*yawn* [27 Apr 2006|11:50pm]
[ mood | AAAAAAAAAAH!!! TT___TT ]

hell0! Haven't posted in a while, so doing that right now! ^^



Day 2 or wtv

; Spent time with Al :3

French; AARG!! We're doing the letter d'opinion thing and it's so fucking annoying =__=

History; He gave us an essay due for next class on first phase of industrialisation!! AAARG!!!!! =_______=

Moral; I still didn't do my homework, so I'll have to do that in the week-ends or he'll fail me AGAIN! AAAAARRG!!!!!!!!!!! =_____________=

Lunchees; Played asshole, and lost....

AAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =_________________________________________= (just kidding XD for this one)

We left at lunch for Individual Finals today, so I missed English ( even though I actually like English -__-), and tomorrow I'm missing science!!! =__=  Two of my favourite classes.  Anyway, I played some new people who kicked my ass. Well, 2 out of 3 kicked my ass.  I kicked the last girl's ass >D

Fuji vs --

Elaine - Like wtf, I lost obviously XD I didn't even play like seriously 'cause she was my first opponent, and I didn't want to use up all my energy. Instead, I kinda made this match a little warm-up for me. 11-0 . 11-0 for her P:

Pony-tail girl - Grr. If I only won a set, and I didn't get so tired easily, maybe I would shown a better effort. 12-10 . 11-2

last girl - I beat her >.> Thank God. Her weakness was lack of power, so she kept depending on drop shots. Because of that, I kept pushing her back, and at the last serves, I was giving her short serves 'cause she caught up with me and my long serves P: I was really proud of this match though, cause at first I was chocking real bad with 6-0, but then I got up to 6-6, and then 6-11 XD 9-11 . 6-11 >.> I'm think. I so tired, I don't even remember anymore x'D

Eiji got a lift from her mom after, and then, watched Melissa's racket crack on the side and like "woah o.O" it was kool, I never saw a racket broken like that XD Momo then bought it off her for $2.80 and then at the end, everyone took a different bus to go back home. 

I'm going through a VERY stressful phase right now, so yea...I don't know if I can make it!!!!! AAAAAAAAARGGG TT_____________TT

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Yay! Another quiz! XD; [26 Sep 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yes, it is another quiz. Im bored OK. XD;; And i think this one is good. ^^

Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Short and brightly coloured.
Clothes:Little by way of actual clothes, but lots and LOTS of really cool accessories.
Powers:Elemental control
Special Features:Elf ears
Sidekick:None, you have no need for a sidekick.
Attitude:Extremely smart and cheerful, maybe with a big brother/sister complex.
Weapon:A ribbon dancer
Quiz created with MemeGen!

First, I thought it sounded like "Y.Link" since in the beginning it says "Short and brightly coloured" Not really sure about "brightly coloured but wtv, hes not black and white, now is he? XD; Next, theres "Little by way of actual clothes, but lots and LOTS of really cool accessories" ^^; I guess that sounds like Y.Link. Ok THIS is soooo true, "Elf ears" XD;. And last remark, is "Elemental control" for powers. When he uses the three element: red, green, blue? I know what the red(or orange? o_o) one does since its my fav. x) He hits the ground with his fist and then a huge fire field? goes around him or something, its really cool(or plad)XD.

Oh and for just for this time, can Y.Link be a girl? XD;;;JK! PLZ DO NOT TELL JENNY, or she will keel me. ^^;;;;; eheh...
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x3 eeee.... [26 Sep 2004|10:02pm]
[ mood | ^^; yay..."my love". ]

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...beautiful
Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...everlasting
Quiz created with MemeGen!

XD;; Well, I think its pretty cute. ^^; eheh...x3

^^ My love is "everlasting", XD I like, even though it might not even be true. XD;;;
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[24 Sep 2004|01:49pm]
[ mood | ??? ]


About Yin's b-day...

What are we gona do and what exactly are we suppose to bring other than clothes? o_o?

Oh and whats the address to where were going to?

Actually, my mom wants info. XD;; Help.

Oh and is Lulu coming? I know Jenny and Steffy are coming, but are you coming Lulu, forgot to ask you. ^^;

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[24 Sep 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | damn hw. =__=; ]

AARRGH...=_____=;; I hate homeworks. In fact, I LOATHE them.XD;

Things to do:

-Bio.: Find 10 organelles of an animal and classify them in either cytoplasm or Nucleus.

-English: Finish proof reading poems and composition THEN make good copies for all of them

-French: Answer questions in Defi.

-Math.: Answer a bunch of questions that takes up to 1 HOUR of time! (what Mrs.Nicholas said)

-Art: Finish doing lineart, and shading.

-M.S.I.: Finish colouring my pic of "Good & Evil".


Your LJ Halloween Party by Karen_Walker
You're Dressed Asa Super Hero!
The Rock Staraa_baibee
The Naughty Nursecreamcloud
The School Girlfickle_moon
The Witchnazgul5
The Care Bearazuredwings
The French Maidcreamcloud
The Dominatrixaa_baibee
The Clownfickle_moon
The Cowboyazuredwings
The Porn Starnazgul5
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Ok yes, I know what you're thinking. I don't have enough Lj buddies. u__u;; So...just pretend youre twin!...or wtv. u__u;;

...LMAO AAB as the DOMINATRIX. X'D Go aab!
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XD great day, yet tiring -__o;; [23 Sep 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | <-mesunglassesbetterthanluXDjk ]

Aaah yes...'tis Thursday, and tomorrow we do not have school. yay! ^^ Although...i'd be now THREE days with no badminton u.u instead of two. =__=; But at least today was VERY interesting. XD

Started of morning with me math and English homework. poo...u_u I couldn't stay up late last night to finish it cause i was very tired. x.x; But anywayz, i managed to finish them in time. ^^ heehee

English first periode. Moved up to the side-middle from back middle since this girl(dunno) change to another class. HA wonder why. XD But anywayz, all we did was continue and proof-read our composition and poems. U__U crapass...Oh and Mehdi does have a weak arm. X'D DAMN THAT WAS TOO FUNNY (for ppl who knew what happen today x)

ON TO...MATH. =__=;; Math is just plain BORING. The teacher is kool but can she make the class at least a bit less boring. Cause seriously, its sooooo BORING. u.u

Had art. 'Tis okay. Watched a couple of punks teasing "Faisan" or whatever his name is, cant spell XP. Oh and yes, that includes the crossover-legged-MANAGER. Yes, he crossed over his leg while looking at pictures on a book for art. x_x; eek...But it was still a nice pose the way he did it. XD;;

LUUUUNNNCH. OMG Practically the BEST ONE!! XD Cause first, went to the office with Steffy along with Jenny and Yin. And they said, NOT EXACTLY SURE, but they said they're going to check first. So, I have a feeling they'll let you change Steffy. x) Then you can witness the crossover-legged-MANAGER yourself. XD;;

Second. Got to play with Lu and Mel...AND MANAGER. Who I was surprise to see. And I thought he'd be good but he KINDA sucks. ^^;;; I THOUGHT HE'D BE ATHLETIC. Not that he isn't, but I'm just saying, I thought he'd be better than me. XD;;; But actually, I'm better than him. Seeing that he DEMANDED Mel and I to go easy on 'em. Now that is just funny. X'D Plus, at one point, he was in front of me in the court and I made a smash and it ended up going in front of him and he just looked at me going "Wtf?" all surprise. XD And I just gave him a look going "Oh well :3" X'D Too good.

I ended up playing with Kyle at the end when everyone left since I had gym and I was already dressed up so I just continued to play. Then Kyle had to leave and Mehdi took place, so it was one on one between us. No one won, since first of all, we were just playing rally, and second we were pretty much equal. And at one point, he was trying to explaing to me this stragegy called -iforgotwhat-. Its just the technique(cant spell u_u;) there where your opponent is all the way back of the court and on your next shot, you just hit it slithy to it would barely make it over the net. Yea that one. And he did that to me. XP But on the next rally, I brought it up on him. :D HAHA SUCKER! ^^

I WAS SOOO DEAD TIRED AND I HAD GYM NEXT. X__X;;; Plus, our gym class would be taken up OUTSIDE, UNDER THE HOT, BLAZING SUN. I was fried. x__x I couldn't move. So, Jenny helped me out along the whole class, so I thankyu and salute you Jenny! *salutes* ^^

All we did was just play soccer. Which I really suck at. XD; Bet Manager is good. Anyway, i was running all around the field even though I was damn tired. And I'd also run into people when I have the ball, and I don't look up in front of me. XD;; Sry everyone.

ARGGH!! FINALLY OVER! Went to see Mr.Fotis, BECAUSE HIS A BAD TEACHER WHO DOESNT EXPLAIN WELL, *cough* ^^; Anywayz, went to go ask him about the project thing. Because Jenny and I seriously didnt know what to do. So yea, we asked him a few questions then left to finallygo home to rest.

Jenny missed the 16 bus so she ended up coming with me in the 121 ^^ yay!

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE MANAGER PLAYED WITH US!!! XD Not the i still like him or anything. ._.;;

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Another pic. [22 Sep 2004|09:27pm]
[ mood | thinking...sshhhhh! ]

o_o;; Was wondering around and found another piccy that looks like me. This one looks more like me because she's wearing these goggles that looks like as if there glasses.

>>Click Here<<

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XD;; My big sister overheard me saying some bad words. ehehh... [22 Sep 2004|04:22pm]

wee~!! I was so proud yesterday. XD;  Cause first of all, in the show "The Amazing Race", NOT "The <strong>Big</strong> Race" (X'D im so stupid), they were in Philippines. ^^ And the whole place was prettyful. u_u I never got a chance to go there, well only since i was 1 but i was too young then too remeber how it looked like.  But i'm not even sure if i want too. ^^; Too many spiders, or so i've heard. Secondly, the team i wanted to win, won. :D And i feel so happy for them.

School, Day 6.

T'was okay.  No wait, it was boring, none different from the other school boring days.  I had Bio. first.  And O.M.G., time past soooooooooo slow in bio. =________=;;; I swear i was gona fall asleep! urgh...

Math next.  It was okay.  Time there past between fast/normal speed.  We did a test, and hopefully i did good, at least.  But what freaked me out, was in the beginning, after she handed out the sheets, i just blanked out.  I knew the difference between "dependant" and "independant".  But then, i just...blanked out o_o;;  I was panicking a bit cause i was spending too much JUST on the FIRST question. x_x;  But then, a couple of min. later during the test, i suddenly get it now and managed to finish the sheet. o_o; scary...

Geo for third.  Would you believe Mr.Tawil SHOUTS at his students?  Because, today he did that.  I guess we(annoying ppl) pushed him over the edge, causing to ACTUALLY scream at us. o_o; It was scary.  Well, on the good side, i did all my homework so i was guaranteed not to get into trouble. ^^

Lunch time.  Went to play.  And Im so sry we didnt go see Mr.Weaner today.D:  I PROMISE tomorrow we'll go see him. ^^; Promise.

Badminton.  Got to play with my big sister again.  And this was a bit better than last time.  Oh and I forgot to mention something..."FatKid" IS GREAT. O_o;; I asked him if he was good cause i was paired up with him, and he just said "Im OKAY" WTH. O_o;; You're great "FatKid"!! XD;;; I feel terrible saying that.  Oh and so is Stephan.  His smashes are omg GREAT as well. ^^; Guess i overestimated them. eheh...

French for last period.  ET ELLE PUT! X'D Too funny.  Thats cause when we were trying to correct our verb test about "pouvoir" Passe Simple.  And she had to say "<strong>Je pus</strong>".  Yes, I know it seems pretty immature but it was still funny. ^^;  Also, we did a definitions test, and i think i did bad on it. u__u;;

Argh...I have to much homework. 

Things to do:

  • Write two rough copy poems concerning these poems from Eng.

  • Finish math homework

  • Find definitions for french

  • Find 10 organelles from an animal cell and classify each one in either "Cytoplasm" or "Nucleas"

  • Do the sheets for geo.

And thats it.  Luckily, i only need to do two things for tomorrow since friday theres no school :D Ah crap...That means no badminton too. u_u; oh well...

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BLEEEEEEE~!!...ignore u_u [21 Sep 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Morning, was uhk. u_u I spent my early morning doing my moral homeworks. And i only started it like late a night ^^; Btw, BIG NEWS: I SLEEP 2 HOURS EARLIER THAN I USUALLY DO AND I CAN'T HELP IT(btw that lead to 12 which is early for me XD;) I think i know the reason why i get so tired, its cause my brain gets overloaded with damn homeworks =___=;;; damn.

Yay! Moral in the morning!*sarcasm* =___=; 'Tis boring. Talked about evil and good. And guess what im...EVIL!! >D MUWAHAHAHA~!! XD nah nah im good. :3 AH! You know what, im both. ^^

Art second, yay! *not sarcasm* XD Had art with Manager. And guess what, me no like him that much no more. ^^; eheh...honest. u.u I made a scene during class too. Cause seriously, what else can you do then tell someone so IMMATURE and ANNOYING BESIDE YOU to shut up? Stupid Anthony won't shut his trap. And he was teasing the lil kid there. So i turn to him (CAUSE I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF HIS TALKING AND TALKING), and i go tell him off. Then did he listen noooo, not until he got into trouble by the teacher. x) Good for him. Oh and got me "Imaginary Tree" back and i got 15/15 XD woo!

I.T.T. for third period. Boring as hell. =___=; All he did was talk and talk and talk....and talk and talk. <_<; I vandalised my own left hand. Wrote "FEAR" on my knuckles or something. And i aslo made a duplicate of Jenny's art. XD LUNCH! Got to play with my big sis. Damn her for making me look bad. *shakesfist* XD jk. It was fun. Lauren didnt get to play since she forgot her gym uniform *gasp* u_u Oh well...we might play with her and her friends tomorrow, dont worry. x) By the way, i told her that you wanted to challenge her so she said okay, SO BE PREPARED. XD AND DONT FORGET YOUR UNIFORM! English last. How boring. All we did was continue our composition of like 500 words min. =___=;; But at least we dont only have ONE day like last time x__X;;. This time we have like about 2-3 days. Went to the bus stop with Elly, and joined Amruta and Georgia. And i started to tease Amruta cause i heard them talking about -this person- who she liked and i dont know if she still does. BUT THEN, she backfired me with me liking Manager. =___=;;; PLUS, MEHDI WAS JUST BEHIND US! X___X;;;;;; So i had to tell of them to shut before it was too late. u__u;;;Besides, like i said, i don't like him that much anymore. Oh and Steffy, I shall come with you tomorrow for your change to art at lunch. x)

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my eye ball ---> x__O [20 Sep 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Yes, my eye was injured. x_u *sigh* I shall explain later.

My day. A stupid school monday PLUS it was one of my worst day. x__T Also i had two tests and many homeworks which i did not finish, only a few of them but whatever. x_u

On the first period, i had math. Yay, math in the morning, how refreshing. x_u *sigh* It was boring. We didnt do a lot of things and...it was boring.

Geography next with "I'm Mister Tawil and i will be your geography teacher this year"...dude. X'D And guess what, today...HE SAID IT AGAIN! XD But this time he had a bit of trouble since everyone saw it coming and already laughing and he started laughing a bit. Oh and thank God he didn't check our homework cause i didnt do it since i forgot it at school the whole week-ends. XD; Instead, he just gave us more homeworks x__=;;

French for third period...EWWWWW~! XP How depressing. We did a test on "Le text Descriptif" thingy and i think i did good. Or at least i hope so. ^^; eheh...and omg Sameer was such an idiot. XD He came in late for french since he was hall monitor and Mrs.Sama asked him why didnt he come and Sameer just went blank and said "ah whatever!" Everyone just started laughing at him. XD

Mrs.Sama: Qu'est-ce qui t'est arrive?
Sameer: euhh...je suis...ah whatever *go sits at his place*


LUNCH. x_u Was my eye's time for beating. But first, went with Steffy to the office for her to change from Comp. to Art. But they refused and just said to go see Mr.Weaner. So i will come see him with you Steffy. All you have to do is tell me when ^^;

After that depressing news, went to join Lulu and the "cast of Badminton PPL" (XD NEW SERIES! "Badminton is Forever!" X'D OMG IGNORE!!!). And it was full as i thought it would be. BUT i still got to play, Chris gave me his racket and so i was paired up with Adam. Oh and Mehdi was there telling me on how i suck, how tru. x_u

Anywayz, as we were beating every team that we were against with (jk ;D), at one point, Adam and I were going for the birdie at the same time and WHACK!...right in my eyeball. x_x; So that's how it happened. And im surprised not even one person checked if after the birdie went in or not XD; oh well...

English last period, and we had a test. Oh and it was a ORAL test. It was a "surprise" as Mr.Kalliabetsos said. But damn was everyone scared XD You can see them shake. Of course i was scared to. ^^; And you know whats not fair, why'd i have to get questioned twice! x__T And most of the people there was NOT EVEN ONCE asked a question. wtf x_u But at least i did good on both, especially on the first one XD I was crazy.

Mr.K.:How old is Kate? *looks at Manager*
Manager:6 yrs old
Mr.K.:Do you agree with him? *points at Manager* *then looks at me*
Me: umm...yea...o_o; *blush* (XD)
Mr.K.: excuse me i cant hear you, louder!
Me: YES! *thinking inside my head*-"eeek o_O;;"
Mr.K.:Who'se the eldest between Jenny and Kate? *still asking me*
Mr.K.:How old?
Mr.K.:And Jenny?

Yes I agree with Manager XD. HEY WAIT! This wasnt one question (cause i answered another one later on)...ITS *counts the questions* 4!! Including the one with me agreeing XD; dammit

Crap...then he gave us stupid long homeworks. x__T

Anyway, one last thing...Adam if you read this...DONT CALL ME LIL GIRL Cause if you do, i'll start calling you lil boy. x)

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ME x CLOOOUDD!!! X'D [19 Sep 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | IM VERY AMUSED ]



--->ME AND CLOUD<---


Oh and btw, im just saying its me cause it really does look like me! XD

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PAR-TAY!!! [19 Sep 2004|11:07am]
[ mood | yesterday XD ]


Yesterday WAS CRAAAAZY!!!! I thought i'd be totally depressing around lil brats like my lil brother and his friends. But actually they were...HEY WAIT! IT WAS DEPRESSING!! Well...only that time but not the later time. Although, i do feel bad not going to my dear friend's b-day WHO I HAVENT SEEN EVER SINCE! T___T

Party starting and my lil brothere's best friend was the first to came. One was alright. Not to noisy. BUT THEN. A BUNCH OF PPL CAME ONLY A FEW MINUTES LATER!

...My lil bro just came home from church school and first thing he do is on the game cube to play HIS game HE GOT FOR HIS B-DAY...Pokemon Colliseum. =___=; He didnt even deserve it...

As i was saying...More and more of his friends came AND OMG...I SWEAR THEY WERE SUCHA HEADACHE, I THOUGHT I WAS GONA SCREAM! They all wanted to watch a movie, and they all voted for a violent, scary or a movie that has a bit OR ALOT of porno in it! OMG. SEE WHAT I MEAN?! So i had to like tell them no OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Till they finally moaned and left to do something else. =__________=;;;;

More visitors came, but this time is relatives or family! And THEY made things back to being good since it was thanks to them i didnt need to be ONLY surronded by lil idiots. And what we did till like...1 IN THE MORNING was just sing kareoke. X'D But at first it was only one person at the time and it was pretty boring. But as we continued, the louder we got and like EVERYONE IN THE ROOM STARTED SINGING AT THE SAME TIME!!! X'D OMG IT WAS JUST TO FUN I NEVER WANTED IT TO END!!

And omg we acted as if we were all drunk. X'D I DIDNT EVEN DRINK BEER AND I WAS JUMPING ALL AROUND AND SINGING! X'D Also whats worse is that, we had a dirty mind o_o; Cause someone, i forgot, brought down the spongebob, patrick and squidward plush toys from P.C.A. And we practically tortured them, bending them and squishing them and pulling them. PLUS whats even worse is that, they all had something ressembling a... x_x; But it was funny though how we made fun of it. But i do still feel bad fro them plush. o_o; YES, i do feel bad for tplush toys! XD; eheh...

But anywayz, it was all good. x)

AND I JUST WANNA SAY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TIA (even though i missed her party u.u)!!

oh and yea...happy b-day to you to lil brother. o_o;


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[17 Sep 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Im so bored.

My mom is forcing me to clean my room, but i dun wanna. D: Its all cause its my lil bro's b-day tomorrow and hes gona have hes friends over and some of our family. So now we have to clean the house before then. =____=;

And what sucks even more is that tomorrow is my close old friend's b-day party tomorrow also and i really want to go but my mom refuses to let me go and odered me to stay here since hes my lil brother. =_____=; wtf.

I want to play badminton soooo bad right now. It sucks too many people plays at lunch XP. I wanna buy a badminton racket, but, i dont wanna spend money and plus whats the point, they already have some at school. Yes, i know it might seem better but im trying to save some money for no reason. XD; oh well...

Oh and check out my latest deviation, please :D ---~Holly~

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"REEEEIIINA!!! REEEEEEIINNNNAA!!!" [17 Sep 2004|04:11pm]
[ mood | high ]

YES MY FRIDAY-DAY! And it was, i think, me best day out of the 9 days.

First periode, got me art class! ^0^ AND IT WAS BORING! =__=



BUT ANYWAYZ, it was still good and umm...disturbing. o_o; WHY? Cause Manager gave the poor lil kid from art a massage. x________x;;;;;; BUT BUT, it was just probably to hurt him. u_u aww...Cause you know some people do it to hurt others by doing hard rough massages. D: HES A JERK.

Second period. Got gym. ^^ yay! We practiced some more soccer even though we thought we were gona play the real thing u.u But today it was okay not like last time which was totally boring and exausting. Except the part when this guy sticked his head out the window of like the 3rd floor and yelled out my name a couple of times, and everyone looked at me and i was just there going "wtf are you? o_o" So...i replied by shouting out "HAAIII, WHOOO AREE YOUU?!?!!?" XD wtv.

Third period. FRENCH! XP YUUUUCCK! The teacher is SUCHA BIATCH! She blamed a lot of people today for small reasons. damn...o_o bitch. XD; ok...It was just totally boring, AS USUAL.

LUUUNCCHH! Best time EVER! Although, STILL didn't get my 2$ T__T Since too many amateurs are set up at the gym. XD That includes me btw. Still, it was fun playing with lots of friends ^^. And at one point, Melissa and I were sitting at the bench waiting for the people on the court to be finish and we got pissed of because it was getting toooo long, so we just went over to these two guys who were only playing singles in one court. And they let us play teams against them. I thought for sure they were a bit more experience than us since they looked older than us but i was wrong.

THEY.SUCK! X'D I feel so bad saying that. They don't even know the rules to the game x'D BUUTT, they were nice enough to share the court and im greatful for that. TILL KYLE AND ADAM HAD TO SOLVER THEIR PROBLEMS BY TAKING MELISSA'S COURT AND MINE AND INTERRUPTED OUR GAME!! =_____O

I hope we see those badminton guys again, they were so fun to beat up like to 21-5 X'D crazy.

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XD what a great day, i suppose ^^; [16 Sep 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Why is it a great day? Cause first of all i ended up not getting an enormous amount of freaking stupid hoeworks^^ Thank God for that. And secondly, Vince was so cute in english class XD;;; Oh and i now know a bit of his schedual since i see him outside hanging around his class. But first, i shall start with my day.

First period, got geographie with Crazy-Lemon(Ashy), Jenny and Yin.

ahem..."I'm Mr.Tawil" X'D Omg thats so hilarious whne he says that outta nowhere.

And surprisingly today, he did not slap me GENTLY across the face. XD yay im free!

Second period, got french. XP Sucks. We had to worked on the Machine Volant story she gave us. And since i forgot to bring my Defi exercise book, and i think she saw me without saying anything, she let us work with a partner. And im rly RLY sorry Steffy that i left you alone. D:

Third period, got English with Manager. x3 And today was okay. Time passed fast this period and Vince was being cute. XD

Vince:"Sir, i don't have a red pen o_o;"
Mr.Kalliabetsos:"What do you mean you don't have a red pen? You always have to have a red pen!" *hands Manager a red pen*
Vince: *sigh* u___u; "thank you, sir."

XD Isnt that just cute.

And at one point when i couldnt stand my ground, but i did, was when Mr.Kalliabetsos was showing something from the middle of the class and Manager had to turn around FACING ME, since i had to look at the front. I felt as if he was staring at me. o__o;; It was hard not to stare at him nor stare away. v__v;

Lunch. Went early but did not get the chance to play when we came there since every court was full. And i was suppose to get me 2$ Kyle owes me. u_u But we played teams so that really didnt count as our unfinished match we were suppose to do. And hopefully tomorow, there will be an extra court he and i can play on so i can finally earn me 2$ >)

Oh and i hit Lauren PURPOSELY on the nose with my racket. XD JK!! It was an accident, ok? o_o;

Last period. Boring. Had math. And it was boring. u_u At least the teacher isnt that bad, shes actually pretty kool. But its the class thats absolutely boring. *sigh* oh well...

MANAGER'S SCHEDUAL XD;;;(compared to what i have ^^)

- When i have french, HE HAS FRENCH IN MY HOMEROOM. XD omg.

-When i have gym, he has I.T.T.

-When i have English, he has english

-When i have Art, he has art.

-When...argh...u_u thats all i know right now.

AND NO I DID NOT STALK HIM. I only know this only cause i see him at the halls in front of his classes.

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^^ [14 Sep 2004|05:13pm]
[ mood | x3 ]

Came in early this morning to finish stupid french homework. AND LU GOT A CHANCE TO HAVE A CONVO WITH VINCE BUT SHE DIDNT GO INTO IT! D:...JK! XD So for that, i might go early to school more often. XD; Oh and Kyle almost killed himself by playing with my stuff from me pencil case it was hilarious! X'D

French- XP I HATE, simple as that. x) And damn you Steffy for missing it, IT WAS SO DAMN BORING! D: You should come pick me up to the office XD.

English was sruprisingly peaceful that for the first time in these past 3 weeks, i like x). Cause all we did most of the time was answer simple easy questions from the book and plus it was quiet and the temperature was okay. PLUS there was nice music from the music room. ^^ I like. Oh and Manager was there too. XD

Recess, cafeteria had colourful chip cookies. XD and it was yummy. Oh and Maria pissed me off so i three a piece of my cookie and it ended up going down her shirt. XD

Modern Social Issues, was dull but interesting. o_o Mr. Saad talked to us about God and some stories for example and it was pretty interesting.

Lunch. I was NOT complaining Lauren. D: I just told you i didnt have my stuff cause i forgot u.u But we wouldnt have gone anyway today since yea, mr.something forgot told you guys you couldnt so yea. o_o
But we did have fun outside in the fields. Where Shaz tackled and STOLE my clip and yea. Lauren doinng the cartwheel XD and she did a very good job on it. *claps* ^^
Also, me being as usual, screamed out ppb names so they would turn around and wonder who called them from afar. XD

AARRRTT!!! *faint* I luv...i think XD And it was erm...pretty boring. The teach was talking like for more than half of the class time and like at the end she fiannaly finished like 30 min. before school finishes. Actually it rly wasnt her fault, a bunch of idiots kept interrupting her. Shes so nice. ^^ Also, i saw Manager sleeping. x3 Well, like almost but he was soo cute all cuddled up. And at the end was..."MAGICAL" XD;;; I finally had an EYE CONTACT with him! XD By not even a seconde but wtv, it was a moment. XD;; And i think i might have even blushed without even knowing it.

Anywayz, gtg do hws now XP. sucks.

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TEAACCHHEERS!!! D: [13 Sep 2004|05:56pm]
I mean me old ones from Junior. And THAT, includes of course MR.DEBLOIS!!! D: Anyway, ill continue later since big bro home k buhbye ! XD this is such a useless post, ill continue it later on.
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Damn you homeworks... x_x; [11 Sep 2004|01:05pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Im gona die the seconde i enter the school again. T__T Cause i have sooooooo much homework i don't think i have time to finish all of them for monday. D: WHYY ME?! u_u...

I have:

-French--> read pages 19 to 55 and write definitions and resume. X__X

-English-->read chapt.2 AGAIN and write stupid definitions. XP

-ITT--> Get useless magazines and did i mention, it HAS to be a magazine, NOT newpaper or anything else than a magazine or an article. =________=;;;;;;

-Geo.--> enh...it won't take me long, i hope. o_o;

-Art--> Finish colouring my imaginary tree. ^^ Its fun though.

-Bio.--> Find stupid differences between these two cells. D: Its so boring.

Ok...i think thats it. u__u *sigh* I guess i better start on it.

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another day...--.-- [10 Sep 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yes another day. And yes, im posting again since i haven't for like a while now. Feeling lazee. -.- Anywayz, my day...
You know what, its actually my best day i think. o_o

English first. IN THE MORNING. Cause you have to be discipline and not fool around so yea...its pretty hard, especially in the morning when you're still tired. =__= Btw, did i mention he was a MEAN teacher? Well, most of the time he's strict but damn he gives to much homework. And punishement o_o; Cause today, we had to show him our homeworks and the people who didnt do had to write, a 500 words essay on a topic called "The Importance of (something i forgot)" and THANK GOD, I dont have to do it since I was a good girl and i did my homework. x3

Math seconde period. Wasnt all bad. We got a substitute, and she was nice. All we did was do some equations blah blah blah. And what made me digust was how "push-over" Mehdi is. u.u tsk tsk tsk

AAAAARRT third. o_o; *gulp* My "suppose-to-be" favorite class of ALL, BUT turns out to be my (i think) uncomfortable class. u__u *sigh* Cause V is there. IN FRONT OF ME(well just a bit asidedr but WTV, I GOT A "GOOD VIEW"(as Lu says) OF HIM). But anywayz, he surprised me today in art class. He acted as if he was a jerk. Or am i just exagerrating. XD; It's cause he teased this lil kid. Argh...too long to explain, besides i probably told everyone who knows i *cough* like Manager. Anyway, haven't given him eye contact since im too...shy. XP So i wont, OK.

Lunch was err...sad? o_o;...After Lu and Jenny ditch Staffy and me, we decided to go around looking at the Hall of Fame of those who graduated from LHA. I saw my big brother XP. AND..Staffy, found a *chills* spider INSIDE the glass(or plastic o_o ionno) cover. And we were trying to free it by poking it so it would move down to freedom BUT good-me(JK STAFFY ^^;), I poked it too hard and so...Charles, the name given by Staffy, died. ^^; So, i'd like to salute Charles for being a unique innocent spider. *Salutes*

Gym last. Did warm ups with soccer balls and yea. It was fun since it was outside.

Anywayz, I have lots of homework so i better get to it...SOMEHOW. U___U damn homeworks.

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T____T stupid english... [02 Sep 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | ... ]

*sigh* Im finally posting again in my LJ. Cause now that school's starting, my big brother has no choice but to leave the internet unblock. >D sucka~!

Anyway, school. Senior now. Wow. Blah blah blah... sry just went blank. Teachers I've had for at least the first class:

  • Mr. Tawil:[geographie]  Hehe....scares me?  But his funny.  At one point, while he was trying to make a point of something, he just looked at me and noded since i was in one of the front rows.  And i just laughed then everyone laughed. ^^;
  • Mrs. Nichola:[math] Man, is she a fun teacher.  All we've been doing now ever since the first class was just do activities.  And the reason for that is cause no one had all the materials yet.  So she said everyone should have their stuff by next week.  But till then, all we've been doing is have fun. ^^
  • Mr. Kalliabetsos:[English, my poorest subject]  This teacher is serious.  First class, made us do 500 words essay for homework.  That includes, the good copy.  Oh and btw, did i mention WE ONLY HAD ONE DAY TO DO ALL THIS?!?! Well, i got in trouble today.  First got late, then didnt have the good copy since i didnt have time to. oh yea. Vince is in the same class as me. x3
  • Mrs. Sama:[French] She's nice.  And...yep.  She's just an average teacher.
  • Mrs. St-Pierre:[Biology] Wee~! This year we'll probably disect something. *pukes* And man, for an old lady, she has muscles! o_o; scary...
  • Mr. something I FORGOT OK.:[I.T.T.] To Lynn-Twin, that means "Bagel Cutting" XD thats funny.  Anyway, this guy TALKS A LOT.  Nice, but just talks too too much. *sigh*


Now thats over.  I have a confession to make. ahem...




I think I might have fallen for Vince.  Maybe thats why I can't go up to him and say hi, Lu. u_u  And i drew him in a skirt, im so guilty.  THIS IS NOT LIKE BEFORE WHEN I USED TO SAY "I LUFF, VINCE", this is the REAL thing. u.u

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