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I made this livejournal account a couple of years ago, I think in the hopes of joining some communities about eating disorders (great idea); now I'm taking it back again because I'm a big fan of secret identities -- I am incapable everyone everything, or some people everything, so I spread myself thin over my confidantes, I tell some people some things; this is one of those. I'll just tell people somethings about myself over the anonymous internet, where I'll blend in with a bunch of people who do that very same thing, nothing new here. I also want to re-learn HTML and use cute icons that I can put up next to my text. And I want to start a journal. Having a public one is something new, and I'm also a big fan of novelty.

I'm a sophomore at Ivy League U., I change my career dream every day, I am going to major in molecular biology and neuroscience, but right now I'm mostly into my (intro) photography class and my (intro) French class. Some of my dreams include, but are not limited to: being a nature documentarist, a photographer, a neurosurgeon, a psychiatrist, a chef or at least proprietor of a bakery, or a field researcher.

I may have an eating disorder; it's confusing. But I try not to make it my identity (anymore), so I guess I don't really have one. But a couple years of having it be so has definitely made me weird about food.
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