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Parallel and Perpendicular Worlds

"Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none." William Shakespeare

Bells y Blue
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And then they were dipped in gold to frolic in the fields of sunshine, lollipops and radioactive badgers....

I write, I read, I like my steak at medium now. I'm a twenty-something project manager high on life that falls into three divisions: work, writing, and play (wherein play equals the sum of sport and karaoke). I need longer days and a lot more sleep.

This is the place where the random and the obscure are hoarded and cultivated: if it's rare or even better, unheard of, I want to play with it and my sandbox is open to you! I love rare and side characters who too often disappeared from our favourite shows before they could hang around long enough to seriously break something.

The collections (icons, writing, and videos) you'll find here feature original and fan works free of my sometimes-daily rambling.

I always love to hear people's feedback, even on 'old' work, or if just to pop in for a friendly shout out, so don't be shy and enjoy your stay! <3

I also love company, so if you want to friend, don't feel obliged to drop me a line and ask permission, though I am terribly forgetful at maintaining my own flist, so don't take it personally if I don't add you back!

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