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Hello and Goodbye

Hello everyone!

I'm back but I have relocated to my strictly food only blog! Please feel free to add me @ http://feedingthekat.livejournal.com/ if you enjoy reading food reviews and anything else to do with food, coffee, cocktails and all those wonderful treats. Mind you I'm moving over the weekend so my first post might be in a week or so time. Hope to see some of you on the other side ;)

-Katja xx


Over the weekend I chopped a huge chunk away from my livejournal/facebook. It was something I've been meaning to do for awhile.
I mainly chopped away those I never read or never post, those who were just random adds from both parties or those who at the end of the day I was once friends with but not any more...Which is cool people grow apart.Some of course are harder to let go than others but if there is no contact outside the internet any more than I don't see the point in holding onto that old flame.

I've been thinking lots lately about what I'm doing and the kinda peace within myself I want to achieve. I have a 3 week break coming up soon and I'll be using that time to do a few things I know that my heart wants so much. I'm going to teach myself some better drawing skills, I'm going sing my heart away all day long...doing the dishes, chatting on the net...I'll be singing and I'm going to cook LOTS! I have a shit load of cook books.I really need to do more cooking. I know I will once we move (I never feel 'right' in shared kitchens, almost like I have to rush out of there constantly)

hehe that was one good party!

Thanks all who made it! I had such a blast on Saturday night! and I tried some amazing cocktails!

few picsCollapse )
I had to take the day off today because I was too hung over. OH DEAR :-/ So now after washing the dishes, I'm gonna sit me down with a tasty pumpkin salad and a frappe and watch the final of project runway. Later on I may just find myself buying some new perfume. Oh la la.

Just a reminder.

For those without facebook, I'm just putting reminder up for my BOMBSHELLS & BAD BOYS party on the 19th of September.

The theme is to yourself dress up to look sharp, sexy and glamorous!

It starts at 6pm (Happy Hour for cocktails <3) and is located in the elbow room at The Rose Of Australia in Erskineville.

There will be nibbles and cake and also a personal waiter to take drink orders for the evening! If you want to come early but need to eat dinner, You can also order from the bistro and eat it in the room if you don't want to leave the shing-ding!

Hope to see you all there. X


As you all know every birthday and Christmas Rob and I do evil things to each other like leave the present on the table for a few weeks!

So guess what kiddies, It's time to play GUESS WHAT'S IN THE BOX!

I'm dumb struck by this one! I hinted a new camera or sewing machine...But it's the wrong shape for both those things! :O

Space Cupcake.

Happy Birthday to rachelsoma and random_llama