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Welcome to my journal. As you can see its Friends Only. Dont let that scare you off, there are MANY other things to scare you off. :)

Im a Fucking Cam Whore

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Im 17 years old, a highschool droppout, unemployed, and a total computer geek.I love peircings, tattoos, weird shit, & freaks. My friends think im crazy, my boyfriend thinks im ADD, one of my best friends thinks im Skitzophrenic and ADHD.

But I think I Just have Issues

Im into-Any Type Rock & Metal Music, Lots of Make-up, Hanging out with my friends, ♥ Sleeping ♥ , Music, Drawing, My boyfriend, Being different, Lipgloss, Moshing, Loud Music, Hanging out with my friends, Driving WAY To Fucking Fast, Dying my Hair, & All kinds of other shit I dont want to put on here.

Im a pretty open minded person, I like meeting different types of people. I bitch a lot, but Im a 17 year old girl. Wtf do you expect? Im a blunt person, and dont sugarcoat anything. So if you dont like ppl bitching about their lives, Fuck you and goodbye. :) Im a nice, laid back, outgoing, shy, stupid person, and Im always looking for some new LJ friends.

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.Im A Penguin.

♥ xMy Bitches Love mex ♥