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[stagesoflove -- Lindsay Monroe//Five Loves {04}]

Title: History of Love
Author/Artist: powerof3
Theme: Five Loves
Rating: FRY
Author's Note (if applicable): Beta by krylon_blue, who is also my muse. *loves on her* The usual disclaimer, not mine, no money, blah blah blah. Comments = happiness. Plz.

[carnal love]

Lindsay knew she shouldn't be attracted to him. For one, he was a detective assigned to work with CSI. For two, she was already seeing someone, as was he. For three, well, she just shouldn't. But the two of them met up anyway, once a week. Sometimes at her place, sometimes at his. They were always careful, and always under the guise of an easy friendship. It was when they were alone that things were different. His hands on her skin, her mouth on his, fingers digging into each other's flesh. She'd never been with someone who made her feel the way he did in bed, and no matter how much she loved Mac, she didn't know if she could give this up.
Tags: csiny, lindsay, stagesoflove
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