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What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
got straight A's, graduated from college. after that, i went an entire 3 months without being in school or being employed- THAT i had never done before.

Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
after checking all my online blogs/twitter for a resolution, i don't really see any that i posted. i did, however want to be living in Washington DC by this time. i clearly would have liked to have a good job in a big fun city by now. i will probably make some resolutions for myself but not for the whole year.

Did anyone close to you give birth?
none of my IRL friends, no!

Did anyone close to you die?
no, thankfully. though losing Mica in 2009 still hurts from time to time.

What countries did you visit?

What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010?
a job!!!!! and more steady relationships, both friendship-wise and romantically

What dates from 2010 will remain etched upon your memory?
one of my best weekends in SB was a weekend where my housemates and i went for a bike ride, took pictures at Campus Point, and splurged on peppermint schnapps and chocolate cake.

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Writer's Block: A rose by any other name

Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

it's funny that the title of this is "a rose by any other name", because my middle name is Rose!

my full name is Katherine Rose, the only change i would make would be Katie instead of Katherine. i've literally NEVER been addressed by my parents or grandparents as Katherine, so it makes it feel less personal when i get achievements and stuff that have to be made out to Katherine and not Katie. for example, at graduation next week (!!!) they will be saying Katherine, which doesn't really even feel like my own name..

however, i was named after my mom's grandmother (who, actually, was an italian immigrant and i think her name might have been Katarina or something like that) who was very special to my mom and grandparents, so i do like that aspect of my name. plus, Rose is my dad's grandmother's name, so it makes for a good great-grandmother namesake combo!
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i've got a saved draft from an entry i wrote like 2 weeks ago sitting waiting to be finished. nothing great has been happening, except that i'm about to start week 4 of the quarter...which means less than 8 weeks left until graduation.

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man, i don't know if it's because i have senioritis and don't really care, but i had the least stressful day today when it should have been SO stressful! i had a final from 8am 'till 1030am, then another one at 12 that only took 1.5 hours. i felt so prepared for both of them and think i rocked them both! i'm pissed off that i'm finally learning how to kick ass at school (making study guides, actually going to class, etc) and it's my 2nd to last quarter, haha.

the only thing that made me upset today was when i got out of my 2nd final and called my housemates to see if they were at the beach (it was 80 degrees today!) and told them id be there in 20.. so i go home, change, and right as i was walking out the door, they call and say they don't wanna stay anymore & were coming home. so no beach for me. i was pissed! after bitching for a while, i just sucked it up and laid in the sun/read on our front lawn. just as good!

my goal is to graduate with a 3.5 gpa in june, which is gonna be reeeeal hard. i'm at 3.43 right now. i'll have anywhere from a ~3.7 to a ~3.8 this quarter.. we'll seeeee!

the real reason i'm writing is because i have a take home final i should be working on right now. haha. 3 short answers and 2 3-ish page essays (in french). gonna try to have all but 1 essay done tonight, but i am so pooped from waking up so early and all the brain activity i used today...
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so i did not get the teach for america job, but i'm at peace with that. i called my mom and told her and she goes, "it's because you're white and don't speak spanish!" which is actually probably partially correct. lol.

so i'm currently on the hunt for a job. i've got a few opportunities thus far that aren't very lucrative but will be good resumé builders: i was invited to go to this week-long seminar about US/European foreign policy next month in Washington DC/New York city, which may be too expensive to take advantage of, but is still interesting. and i was also basically offered a 3-week job in August/September to help at the Orientation for all the students who will be arriving to study in Lyon! i not only would get to go back to France and help the students find housing, but i'd also be paid lodging and 540€! unfortunately, travel expense isn't covered...just made more manageable.

i'm trying to find a job in SB for the summer, but i'm also keeping an eye out for eventual "real" jobs in Sacramento, San Francisco, or Washington DC. ultimate goal: DC for grad school. bring it on, real world.
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last night, i reserved my spot at Commencement and declared candidacy for graduation.

WHAT??? that fat check my parents are writing for spring quarter will be the last? i'll finally be guilt-free about how much money they've spent for me to study abroad for a year, doodle in class and booze around on the weekends?

i'm stuck somewhere between horrified and relieved.
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the future

i just had a huuge day. i had my Teach for America interview from 8:30-12 this morning, it was intense. i taught a lesson plan on how to conjugate french verbs, we did a group activity, individual reflection, Q&A, and a problem solving test. then i had 2.5 hours of class and had to go back for my personal interview. YIKES! i feel pretty good about the whole process though so we'll see how it goes. i don't hear back for a whole month!

if i get it and i get one of my 2 top choices for placement (SF Bay Area or Washington DC) i think i'd definitely accept it. if i dont get one of my top choices (my other choices were NYC, LA and Boston), i think i'd probably weigh my options. other option= getting a good internship or research position for the summer/next fall, then applying to start grad school either in Spring or Fall 2011. i'd probably be looking at masters programs in International Relations, International Development, or Conflict Resolution.. and the schools i'm looking at are all in Washington DC. so even if i don't get TFA, i've def got somewhat of a plan!

unfortunately, i have a midterm tomorrow and a midterm thursday, so no breaks for me. however, i am going to ignore my looming Global Conflict midterm (basically it's going to be an in-class essay explaining how we'd solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. pfft.) and go take a nap since i was on campus for 8 hours today! gahh