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August 6th, 2006

( - Favourite Band Survey - )

01. What is the bands name? Metallica
02. Insert a picture of them: I'm far too lazy...google it
03. How long have you been a real fan? Since I was 8
04. How long have they been around? 25 years!
05. Have you liked them since they brought out their first album/single? no, I wasn't even thought of
06. Do you own all their CDs? you bet
07. Would you count yourself as a Super fan? um, yes
08. How many albums have they brought out? 11 or so
09. What genre of music do they play? metal/hard rock
010. Do you like other bands in this genre?Disturbed, Godsmack, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden
011. Are they a famous/mainstream band, pretty underground or famous in their genre? they are one of the BIGGEST bands evurr
012. Have you ever seen them live? YES
013. What about met them? No, but I plan to
014. Do you own any T-Shirts [of the band]? 8

015. Has the band always had the same members? nope
016. List any ex-members here: ron mcgovney, dave mustaine, cliff burton, jason newsted, 
017. Have they ever changed lead singers? nopeee
018. How many vocalists are there in the band? James Hetfield
019. Name member #1: James Hetfield
020. Member #2: Lars Ulrich
021. Member #3: Kirk Hammett
022. Member #4: Rob Trullijo
023. Member #5: Bob Rock...sorta
024. Other/s: uh no
025. What does #1 do/play? Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar & look sexy
026. Member #2? Drumsss
027. Member #3: Lead Guitar & Backing Vox
028. Member #4: Bass & Backing Vox
029. Member #5: Produced lmao and played bass before they got rob
030. Other/s:
031. Do you have a favorite member? James
032. Do you know who writes the lyrics? James mostly
033. Who is the bestlooking member? James obv

The Music
034. Describe the vocals: James has a sexy growly, voice.  before he had a screamy 80s metal voice
035. Describe the music: Thrash, Heavy Metal, to more Hard Rock in Load&ReLoad
036. What do you like most about this band? um, EVERYTHING
037. Which, do you believe, has been their best album and why? Master Of Puppets
038. What about your favourite songs? Nothing Else Matters, Bleeding Me, No Leaf Clover
039. The worst? St. Anger album and -Human
040. What year was their last album released? 2003
041. Insert the lyrics of one of your favorite songs: "and nothing else matters"
042. What do you think about the bands personal style? =]
043. What makes them different from other bands? longevity
044. Are you truly obsessed with this band? YESSS
045. And finally, do you think you will always be a fan? obv

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