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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2006|09:59 am]
my new, friends-only livejournal isbranddnewcolony. goodbye,  _blaueaugen.

ps. i'm not deleting this journal. there's a lot of stuff in here and i just can't bring myself to get rid of it forever. but as for the future, you can find me at my new journal. i already added everyone who is still my friend on this journal, all you have to do is add me back.

(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2006|08:57 am]
it has recently come to my attention that people who i really don't want to be reading my journal.. are. the only reason it hasn't been friends only up to this point is because there are a few people who i do care about who like to read it but don't have ljs.. but at this point, most of them don't read it anyways.

so, i'm making a new journal. i'm not sure what it's gonna be yet but i will be adding all my friends on here as friends on there.. and as for my friends who don't have livejournals, just gimme a call sometime. there's nothing all that interesting on here in the first place, i just don't like to be chastised for talking about my boyfriend of almost two years a lot, and i like to know who is reading about it. i'll post the new name on here once i make it, but that will be my last post from this journal.

(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2006|05:32 pm]
[Feelin' |boredbored]
[Tunes |mary did you know (clay aiken)]

so i was gonna go to the gym cuz im bored but then i realized they close at 6 on fridays.. dammit.

im ready for this semester to be over.. because now it's gonna go really slow. i got everything i needed to get done done this week, i worked an extra day, and now im exhausted. im going to be here all weekend.. and glens gone on some stupid hockey trip so i wont even have anyone to talk to.

my life is lame.

i cant wait to get this school shit over with .. for good.

i need to start working out again. i really feel like a fatass.

i guess there's some stuff i could do right now beyond just sitting here and being a pos. ugh i can't wait for freaking christmas. i know what im getting for my family, i got glen his plane ticket, and i know what im getting for kelly. the only person left is katie (and becky?) .. oh well. yes, i have already started listening to christmas music. yes, i know there's still a week and a half until thanksgiving. it's okay. it takes a little longer to get in the christmas spirit down here cuz it doesn't get cold. the weather has been beautiful, though. like seriously gorgeous.

oh and we have recently discovered that there is a small lizard living in our house, and we have come to the conclusion that we want to keep him, because we think it's his fault we haven't seen as many spiders around recently, and i am just fine with that. the little lizards that run around here are cute. the huge spiders are not.
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2006|11:20 pm]
okay, i don't know how many of you watch nip/tuck. but i just finished watching season 3 (season 4 is what's on tv now, which i have also been watching) but at the end of season 3 .. all i can say is if you've seen the season finale you can understand why im so shaken right now.

there's no love on that show. and just knowing that kimber ends up with matt (at least for now) in season 4 means theres no hope for kimber and christian, which is the only REAL couple on that damn show. julia and sean are just so fucked up .. matt only dates transvestites and nazis.. until he hooks up with kimber, and FUCK THAT!

this show is so fucked up. i think i need less of that in my brain. at least now i'll only get it for an hour once a week instead of the like 5 hours of it i watched tonight just to find out who the carver is. fucking creepazoid. ew.

i just want kimber and christian to be together and i want for julia to stop sleeping with the midget and for sean to stop hallucinating. i mean, come on. how hard can it be?

(no subject) [Nov. 3rd, 2006|05:10 pm]
this is what i want NOW!


by the way it's surf taco.

(no subject) [Nov. 3rd, 2006|11:12 am]
[Feelin' |busybusy]
[Tunes |keasbey nights (catch 22)]


sigh of relief. last week is OVER. finally. muchos stess. the way our school lets you schedule classes is by the amount of credits you have.. with the class i took at edison over the summer i have 30, so i should've been able to schedule my classes on the 30th. ohhhh no. i found on on like the thursday before that my credits had never gotten transferred over, so it still said i only had 27. so friday i didnt even have a spare second to go get them and bring them back to fgcu.. but i figured as long as i could schedule before november 2nd (when everyone with less than 30 credits gets to register) i'd be okay and get the classes i wanted.. so i went to edison on monday and they seriously rushed my transcripts for me (it usually takes 3-5 days and they did it in an afternoon) and i picked them up that night. then tuesday morning i took the truck back to school, had work at 8, went to work, left work for a few minutes to run my transcript over to the admissions office.. gave it to the girl there and she said shed take care of it as soon as she turned her computer on. i try to schedule my classes a few hours later and it still tells me i have to wait until november 2nd. so then i just figure maybe it takes a while for the computer system to catch up, so after work i go to the computer lab before class and try agian. no luck. but i check and it does say that my credits were transferred.. so wtf? im like freaking out at this point because i really want the schedule i had all figured out for next semester and i want my damn classes. so all night it goes on like this and the girl emailed me and was like 'ok i did it' and i was like 'ok its not working' and she tells me shes done everything she can, sorry, she doesnt really know how registration works. awesome. so then i wake up on wednesday and check real fast before work at 9 and tada, im allowed to register. so i still got to register before the freshmen, and got all my classes. thank god.

anyway that was the main stress of my week. i had the truck at school (i got a housing pass, theyre free anyways) but i was only there on tuesday wednesday and thursday. i left my key to my apartment at home so i just came home on thursday night and slept in this morning mmmmm. noones home yet which kinda sucks, and i cant go to the gym cuz im all the way up here but hey, whatever. i worked out a little bit anyways.

katie and kelly are both really sick, tim was sick last week, my stats class got cancelled yesterday because my stats professor is sick, and one of the ladies i work with went home sick too. so apparantly there's something going around. maybe it's a good thing that i went home. my mom's working today but she's off this weekend. also sunday is taste of the town, which is really fun.. you like buy tickets and go around to different booths and they have samples of food from all different restaurants in the area and stuff. last year i went and it was really fun.

oh just so everybody's jealous i just want you to know that today is november 3rd and it's about 80 degrees and sunny out.

oh yeah the other thing i had to do was mail a check to glen's mom and bring my housing thing to the housing offices so that i can stay in my room next semester cuz i only signed up for a fall contract.

anyways all in all i got everything done. now im gonna shower, eat, and do some homework. tomorrow i'm helping my grandparents move from lakeland (about 3 hours north of us) down here. they want my dad to drive the uhaul so im just going to keep him company, pretty much. next week.. i have a philosophy midterm on tuesday night (we have to write 5 essays on 4 philosophers, making up our own questions, and no notes allowed) and then a chemistry test on wednesdays at 2 (essentially 20% of my grade). i am NOT excited. oh and i have a project due for my online nutrition class on friday. AH! lots of crap to do.

basically, i cant wait for this freaking semester to be over.

and for glen to come down :) that's gonna be fun.

dammit i was gonna say something but i forget what it was. i guess it wasn't that important anyways.

oh we dont think my baby has cancer anymore. thank GOD. his growth thing is healing because we're keeping him from licking it.. so hopefully everything's okay.

oh batman begins is a really good movie by the way.

oh also if youre trying to buy books for the fall semester NOW.. dont bitch at the people at the bookstore because theyre not there. please. for my sake. don't be stupid. they get sent back when we dont sell them because why would we keep them when we're not using them for spring semester and we didnt sell them WHEN THERE ARE ONLY FOUR WEEKS LEFT IN THE DAMN SEMSETER ANYWAY. if you dont have your books by now, youre just sol if you dont want to order one. so stop whining. and NO YOU CANT ORDER YOUR BOOKS ONLINE YET.

i hate internet orders.

ohhhhh boy.
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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2006|08:23 pm]
[Feelin' |moroseoverwhelmed]
[Tunes |new girl (suicide machines)]

ugh i hate you. ps.. you don't know me at all. so don't make assumptions, sweetie.

and i hate halloween. sorry to disappoint.

besides that.. my life is incredibly busy. and i wonder if dinner's ready?

if i'm not sick by the end of this week it'll be a miracle.

..indy has had a growth on his foot for a while. it all of a sudden got really bad. he's going to the vet tomorrow.

mom thinks he might have cancer.

and we might not be able to afford/it wont be worth it for him to have it removed.

i cant even re-read the last two sentences i wrote because i dont even want to think about it. he's my baby.

i need my boyfriend. bad. 58 days and counting. bahhhhhhhhhhhhh

hey just so you guys know that means theres only 57 days til christmas. better start shopping.

(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2006|05:11 pm]
[Feelin' |chipperchipper]
[Tunes |we looked like giants (deathcab for cutie)]

sooooooooo yeah. anyways. it's wednesday.

i've been working over at edison (the community college about half an hour away, also has a follett bookstore) because the manager there is our old assistant manager, wanda, and she's awesome and i love her.. and she needed help because she had a crappy cashier who she fired and no one to start working there until november. so anyways.. ive been going over there on tuesday and thursday mornings just to help her out and whatever.. the only thing is i dont have a car here. so katie and kelly were generous enough to let me borrow theirs for the past two weeks.. but katie is gone on her cruise and kelly is going up to orlando tomorrow SO

point of this story is that im going home tonight so i can just drive to edison for work tomorrow, drive to FGCU for class & the gym, and then go home for the weekend. phew.

but yeah that's why i'm going home on a wednesday night. my mom should be here in like half an hour or so.

also i figured out what classes i want for next semester.. but i dont schedule them until monday so this is tentative:


11-1215 -Contemporary World Religions
5- something - Anatomy and Physiology 1


2-345 -Pre-Calculus


11-1215 -Contemporary World Religions
2-445 -Anatomy and Physiology 1


2-345 -Pre-Calculus

and that's it. i'm also taking some online humanities class that's required for everyone. also pre-calc will not be fun. blech. i'm excited for A&P and Religions though. okay anyways i gotta pack up and clean my room before madre gets here, so later homies.

(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2006|12:53 am]
[Feelin' |uncomfortableuncomfortable]
[Tunes |parental control]


(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2006|09:29 pm]
update on the glen situation: we will be able to see eachother, after all.

does anyone have any idea how happy i am? relieved? ecstatic? sigh.


ps andrea, you are amazing. by the way. and i can't wait to open a strip club in las vegas with you. where we bartend.

also today is my brother's birthday and he got a tv and a dvd player. i got him X-3. which i also want. sigh. i cant wait for christmas break. whee! :) i'm so happy. okay i gotta go to sleep because i gotta be at work at edison by 745 tomorrow mornin.. yikes!


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