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28 February
I am rather disenchanted.


acting, advertising, aliens, angels, art, atlantis, avatars, ballet, beethoven, black mass, broadcasting, burlesque, burning man, candle magick, candles, carnivals, celtic, chains, cherokee, chills, choreography, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, coachella, coast to coast, coffee, coins, colors, comedy, conspiracies, crucifiction, dance, dancing, danger, david bowie, demons, design, diet, dinosaurs, divination, divinity, domination, drawing, dream interpretation, erotica, esp, essential oils, evil, evp, exercise, exorcism, fact, family guy, fashion, fencing, festivals, fiction, film, fire breathing, firebreathing, folk., folklore, foreign money, free stuff, french, gaelic, geography, ghandi, gnosticism, gore, handfasting, healing, herbology, herbs, hippies, hitchcock, homeopathy, horseback riding, iggy pop, indie, indigo children, intelligent design, intuition, irish, jack nicholson, japanese, knowledge, kundalini yoga, leathercrafting, legends, logic, lyrics, massage therapy, media, meditation, moon phases, mozart, myths, native american, old school, paranormal, pendulums, pentagrams, phobias, piano, pin-up, poi, psychology, psychometry, ragnarok, reiki, remote-viewing, renaissance, retro, runes, scrying, seances, shotokan, spain, spanish, spells, spiritualism, stanley kubrick, stilts, sugar, symbolism, tantric yoga, tattoos, tea, tea leaves, technology, telepathy, tempest, tequila, the black dahlia, the secretary, theology, thrills, tight-rope, trinity, ufo's, vegetarian, vintage, water, whips, wicca, wisdom, witchcraft, x-files