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Narcissa Malfoy née Black
13 October 1966
.T H E || L A D Y || M A L F O Y.
T H E | L A D Y

[Character Name:] Narcissa Isodel Malfoy née Black.
[Series:] Harry Potter.
[Former House:] Slytherin - graduated.
[Bloodline:] Pureblood.
[Wand:] Ebony, unicorn hair, 13".
[Wand Hand:] Right.
[Race:] Witch.
[Age:] Mid-40s.
[Height:] 5’5.
[Hair Color:] Blonde.
[Eye Color:] Cobalt blue.
[Marital Status:] Married to a Sir Lucius Malfoy.
[Sexual Orientation:] Heterosexual.
[Children:] Draco Malfoy, only son and heir to the Malfoy succession.
[Siblings] Bellatrix Lestrange née Black and Andromeda Tonks née Black.
[PB:] Kate Hudson.
T H E | I N M A T E

[assigned warden:] --
[cabin:] --
[length of stay on barge:] --
[able to be canon-punctured?:] NO.
[point in timeline character comes from:] End of Deathly Hallows.
T H E | G A M E

[rpg:] Currently HOMELESS.
[timezone:] GMT.
[personal LJ name:] silent_zebra
[muses:] Available here.
[DISCLAIMER:] Narcissa Malfoy belongs to JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. I am not Kate Hudson. None of the aforementioned parties are affiliated with this journal, nor the game I represent her in. I roleplay for fun, not profit.
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