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_bl0ndey at Lj.com [entries|friends|calendar]
carly chet <3

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[July 15 2006]

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stamped--fluzzy<<<<<<<<ATTENTiON [July 14 2006]
hi fluzzzy. do yOu think that you can make one of these two my picture for that banner thing? im the blonde one so you can just cut the other girl out of the picture.whichever works best fOr you--thankss lovee. + my myspace is


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[June 3 2006]
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if you feel the need to promote a community in my journal
please promote it in this post, and this post only.
if i find any in my friends only post-i will mark it as spam.

ps. while your at it, join _divinex3
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LOCKED [August 22 2005]
friends only
add me & comment

wanna promote your community, click here
please keep this (my friends only) post clean from any promos. if i find promos in this post, i will report spam.
Gotta love igniite for the layout
please make sure you comment here and add me.
if i find that you just add me, i will not add you back, you must comment as well.
in the comment just fill this out:
Where your from;
Where you found me;

ps. i look like thisCollapse )
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