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DJ AM's death got my brain to ticking.

You see so many commercials against the use of weed, cocaine, X, Meth, pda's out the ying yang about this extremely powerful drugs, but as an addict to prescription medication, its just as bad, the withdrawals ... you guys wouldn't even believe how bad it hurts, you go absolutely insane if you don't have your fix of Xanax, you grow tolerant just like the street drugs and want more.
I had no choice but to take them since I was going around for a month with a hole in my skull and with the complications from surgeries I still have to use them, but the reason why you will never see a anti-prescription drug abuse commercial is..frankly I believe its because pharmaceutical companies/doctors and the fda make MAJOR bank off of disease and medication treatment, thats why social health care .. in my opinion will never be granted in this country, I feel bad for the people who suffer who don't have the money or health insurance to take care of themselves, and since the industrial revolution came along we have advanced so much in the last century, you would think they would find more effective treatment for Cancer or Aids which are huge academics.. My father recently being a victim to prostate cancer though it has been caught early (thank the fates)
I know for a fact that prescription medications can be just as harmful if not more than street drugs, but street drugs are not reliable to make profit out of and as a society we wouldn't stand for it, it was also proven they were going to test mdma for use in serotonin type medications for the people with major depressive disorder.. I'm just making theories here kids, don't shit bricks if you agree, but I'm just saying.. Its such a shame how society works, I'm not saying I'm some kind of communist but I would much rather have the population be disease free than have people suffering, but I'm torn because I also have a some what controversial opinion that disease was created for population control.. hmm

I'm rambling out of my ass. sorry.
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