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youre either manic or youre depressed, will you ever..feel ok?

So the last few days have been sucking pretty bad.
I have been super manic depressed for the past 3 days and
I have had major headaches because hey... I have 3 pretty big brain tumors..
So, I called into work and I couldn't get a doctors note because I can't
go to the fucking doctor every time I get a headache, so they told me
they took me off the schedule, and I should call in whenever I'm feeling
better and ask to pick up a shift that day and "concentrate" on being better.. its just all a big hassle.

I want to quit .. I don't even make decent coin.. But I am the only person in my house with a job and I honestly do like my co workers a lot.. not all of
them but a good amount. and it seemed to be my only source of social interaction at all.
It was nice meeting 100 people a day, I even had a few crushes! I hope everything gets figured out.

Btw the manager I hated told a 15 year old co-worker to fuck off. HOW UN-PROFESSIONAL.
He should get fired, but he won't because hes mormon, and joseph smith won't allow that to happen. ha.

I don't like when people make childrenz feel bad, I found out my neice who is only 10 started cutting, because her mom (my sister) is a neglagent bitch. I don't know where she picked it up from, but it made me want to cry, fuck that, I cried, I asked her why and she said "it made me feel not so empty" .. a little to young to have some teen angst, but I told my mom about it and we are going to get her to see a therapist, I feel so terrible, Shane bought her a digital camera and I got her some clothes and she had copious amount of new toys, I know money can't buy you happiness but it provides distraction til' she gets the help she needs. it broke my heart, it really did.

I started to talk to my old friend Craig who I haven't talked to in years because our friendship
started developing into a real relationship and he ran off scared (lols story of my life)
but its nice, I miss him.



Yeah, I don't get it, yeah I understand people hate confrontation. confronting people isn't easy, ( neither is pimpin'. )especially when you know you have to hurt them, I understand, but what I don't understand is do they know how bad they are hurting other people by just leading them on or just running away from the situation?
It really hurt me, I'm tired of people hurting me, but I never stop letting them in, perhaps I just need to learn better judgement, its just the people I have good emotional connections with are batshit fucking INSAAAAAAAAAANE!

My Christmas was pretty decent. Shane is getting me an Ipod touch ! I have to wait a little bit to get it though because my new manager fired him for failing the menu test only 1 time. which is another reason why I hate him, but over all it was not as bad as I thought.

My friend ae came back from Colorado and I enjoy him so much! hes so incredibly nice to me and thats great to have in my life for a change, I'm tired of douchebags being mean just to look cool or "above it all".

I have no idea what I am going to do for New Years. but I get paid not 1 but 2 pay checks FUCKING PWNED!!!!111 FUCK U N00BZ LOLZERSS

I like talking in nerdy internet speak created in 2004 if you haven't noticed.

thats whats pretty much going on in my life, if you have pointers on how to imrpove it, please dont hesitate to let me know, also if you have unlimited supply of opiates im willing to sell my body (hey dirty baby i got ur money dont u worry).

in the meantime, look at my friends awesome tutorial on how to make a good sandwhich


ok, sorry for talking your ear off. peese out