Tags: grandma


miss my pearls

Got my lady gaga tote bag and ordered
aviator sunglasses with a gold chain attached to them..
its like the golden girls sunglasses but hip hop..
bought them online, keepin it alt bro,
it made me miss my
grandma she loveees the crazy shit i wear/buy.

my sisters friend is crashing on MY couch at MY house
because she has no where else to go.. shes a hardcore pill popper like harder than me..
i hid it cus you never know.. plus she keeps bugging me for pain pills im like wtf no you make up all kinds of pain all day
"my knee hurts" "my back hurts" blah blah shut up you want euphoria.
too bad.
go to the ER oh wait you cant cus ur a drug seeker..
seriously she creeps me out.
and snores so loudly like a  bat.. you know.. like if a bat snored.
i love u guys come visit my new place.
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