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(no subject)  
06:01pm 13/02/2009
Well, that's nice. I had to remove my post asking for help because it was spammed on a CRNA forum because they were offended that I considered money a perk of the career. I'm sure they're all willing to do their jobs for minimum wage.

FYI, CRNAs-This post wasn't really meant to be read by a bunch of people who don't know who I am. If you read some of the other replies you will get a much better idea of who I am, and you'd know that what you took at face value was just that. I'm not looking into anesthesia solely for the paycheck, and with my intended audience I didn't think I needed to make that as clear as I would with strangers. Some of the statements you so kindly bolded are things I can say to friends and know that they're not going to take them as facts. For example: I am lazy. I'm as lazy as a nursing student with an 8 month old and an overworked husband can be. My idea of lazy isn't the same as your average American's.

I didn't give an all inclusive analysis of each of my career options. I gave an outline of the main points that make my decision difficult, and yes, money is one of them. I have a lot to learn about all of my options, I am the first to admit that. I am actively seeking out information all the time, I'm sorry I don't know your job as well as you do. I have a lot to learn about all of my options. I know that. I work really hard in nursing school and it's not my intention to turn into a slob when it comes to my job. When I said I don't want to work very much I did not mean effort wise. I know school will be hard. I never expected anything different.

And btw-you should read over some of your own posts about salary. You might be surprised as how hypocritical you sound.
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(no subject)  
03:47pm 11/02/2009
Why my body is retarded:
Last night I had a super salty dinner followed by ice cream.
Today I am 3 pounds lighter. (yeah, yeah, I know it's "water weight" or whatever).

When I actually try-nothing happens. I guess I need more salt and ice cream in my diet.
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(no subject)  
04:58pm 06/02/2009

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(no subject)  
06:08pm 03/02/2009
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The new octuplets.  
12:18pm 30/01/2009
All I have to say is:

I would 1000% vote for a cap on the amount of children you're allowed to have. Especially when you can't pay for them. These mega-families are a drain on the government and on all of society.

"The government shouldn't tell people how many kids they can have."
Sure, it's an impingement on our "rights", however, I feel like these people are abusing their rights. Not only that, but the size of these families are devastating to the children. You cannot take care of 18 children. You cannot take care of 14 children. Someone will always be neglected unless you have a nanny for every 3 children. In Oregon day care centers staff one adult for every three children or every 2 infants.
In order to protect the rights of these children I would definitely support a cap.

I'm not even saying the cap needs to be 1 or 2. How about capping at 8 for you religious fanatics that think that children are blessings from god or whatever. A cap of 8 is completely reasonable. More than that becomes and endangerment to the physical, emotional and mental health to ALL of the family members.

People don't have 18 children because they love children and enjoy being parents. You can't enjoy any of your children when you have that many. People have 18 children because THEY'RE FUCKING MENTALLY ILL.

People, please!
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Mild updation.  
09:54am 27/01/2009
Elliot is so awesome. It's strange to have a compulsion to say "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" or "OMG YOU ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!" every other minute of the day. (You'd be surprised how little of an exaggeration this is). I can't stop saying it. He's going to think his name is "so cute".

He's so close to walking it's not even funny. He has been pulling himself up everywhere and cruising around the house that way. He has conquered the stairs and can take down all 13 or so of them in less than a minute. It's sick.

It's also VERY exhausting. I get tired just looking at him sometimes.
That being said, I am so pro-choice since becoming pregnant. Being a parent is awesome, but hard. It's taxing on all aspects of your life. I can't imagine being forced into this because of a mistake. I would feel so resentful. A baby shouldn't be a punishment. Every child deserves to be wanted.

This term in school is going really well though. I feel like I have more time to spend with the boy and for my two long school days he's at home with Ben, which is great.

Plus I'm still stoked about no midterm or final!! Wooooo!
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(no subject)  
11:38am 26/01/2009
This year marks 10 years since graduating high school.

Not that I was planning on going, but I've been curious about the reunion but it appears that no one has taken the reigns on planning one. What the hell?
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(no subject)  
01:07pm 21/01/2009
Sometimes lactation seems like a superpower. I can shoot milk out of my boobs!!

We have a decent webcam now! Fun!

I have Mondays and Fridays off in case you wanna hang out with me. Or something.
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(no subject)  
01:20pm 20/01/2009
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(no subject)  
02:26pm 15/01/2009
This term I am doing my clinicals at the Parry Center (for mentally ill children). I am on a unit with kids aged 13-16. So far, I love it.
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