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The Shop Around The Corner
INFO - Read First! 
23rd-Apr-2020 10:30 am
Hi! This is my online LJ site for selling some of my unwanted stuffs :D So please help to clear them!

Add me to your friends list to get instant update.
or JOIN MY MAILING LIST for instant updates!

&! Bank transfer (preferred) or concealed cash through snailmail (AYOR)
&! Payment expected within 5 days. SERIOUS buyers please.
&! Please let me know whether you are or are NOT interested by replying back to my email.
&! And dont ask a lot of questions if you never have the intention to buy!
&! I'm not responsible for LOST mail by normal postage. Buyers are highly recommended to pay extra $2.30 for registered mail. Don't worry as I always packaged my mails well and secure and so far, there is no lost mail incident.
&! Prices are exclusive of shipping/handling unless otherwise stated.
&! I rarely do meetup especially for small items.
&! Prices are negotiable unless otherwise stated.
&! I do partial/trade.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email: theshopgirl [at] gmail [dot] com

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