A Bite of Fenrir

A Taste of the Wolf

Fenrir Greyback
9 April 1957
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Name: Fenrir Greyback
House: Slytherin
Blood: Half Blood

Personailty: Crazy. There is no way around it, Fenrir is dangerous in his lacking of sense and empathy for others. Having a philosphy of 'Fuck 'em' does cause one to have a bit of a stigma around him. He is not only insensitive, but has no manners to boot. He laughes at the wrong times, and when one has a bark of a laugh like his, it does not go unnoticed. He is fierce and rude, blunt and swears like a sailor, making him not the most beloved character at Hogwarts.

Family: Father is Alcide Greyback, a wizard from Scotland who is an Auror, but a tainted one.
Mother is Gwen Greyback, a muggle from Ireland, who works as a teacher at a elementary school.