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the story of my life

could it be any more enticing?

Little Bill
27 August
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My name is Bill.
I have a real name but I never use it.
I love hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I like being alone a lot. Just gives me time to think. I love it.
I hate thinking sometimes.
I dont know what else to put.

Me. Im not the most attractive. But w/e.

What would it take to make you mine forever?
I am not afraid of what it takes to glue you to my side,
Even if it takes a little bleeding,
So be it.
And I could go without breathing,
And I won't justify it.
You just watch me, I've got time to kill

I fucking hate people that piss me off. Im very easily amused and I can be pleased easily. I just dont like when people that are supposed to be my friends, piss me off.
Please dont piss me off. I have been hurt way to many times before and I dont want to anymore. Im doing everything in my power to not be hurt and to get rid of the fucking drama. but thats mostly what LiveJournal is right? Drama?