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well, it's finally summer and it really hasnt been as wonderful as I thought it would be. I havent done one fun thing so far, and its starting to get on my nerves. I've pretty much lived like a hermit crab for the past couple of weeks......only hanging out with don, staying home in pajamas and eating tons of food (i've probably gained like 20 pounds, but oh well) etc etc etc.

for once I'm actually looking forward to going to camp. Because I can get away from my mother who I hate.

Yesterday was me and Don's 2 month. But, not suprisingly it turned pretty bad. Im not gonna get into that, but whatever. =/

anyone want to hang out and do something? let me know, i need a life.


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well only 8 more day of school left. I wonder what will happen with those 8 days? probably nothing because our lives are boring.

summer.....................frikkin finally!!!!

heheh ♥ I cant wait.


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eh....sooner or later im gonna update the background and everything else. but, lately there has been WAY too many projects and tests for every single one of my classes. and not to mention, finals coming up! FUCK! i quit high school. lol =]

 wow, there desperately needs to be something fun SOON. like a bonfire at the beach or something. ♥ hmmm that is a splendid idea!

school is boring and predictable as usual. same old thing EVERY DAY. when is anything exciting going to happen? GOSH!

well, i didnt make it to Rock-a-Hula. But, instead i went to the movies with my beloved Angie Pangie Bo Bangie! ♥ yay! is was indubidably fun =]


 ahhh nothing else to write. <3 Peace ♥ Amanda

I'm BACK!!! =]

Well, I missed my livejournal oh so much so I decided to make it alive again. hehehe. The year is almost over and ALOT has gone on since I stopped updating..

As for right now, I'm probably the happiest person in the universe. All because of one person. Don. He is the sweetest and most amazing person I have ever met <3 Yeah..... today was our 2 week.....Friday the 13th isnt that just WONDERFUL!?! lol Surprisingly I didn't screw anything up =]

I just got home from Britt's. We went swimming at my house then ran over to hers so we couldnt be seen all wet and disgusting by everybody. lol then we were online for awhile...but it got soooo effin hot! So, we had a water fight at like 9:30 at night. Then we layed down in the middle of the driveway. haha yes, we are weirdos but thats ok!

I think I'm failing like 3 classes......yeah I havent really been able to pay attention lately *blushes*

Rock-a-hula next Friday!! FOR SURE! That's gonna be soooo much fun. We all get to wear coconut bras and grass skirts and have hot wild monkey sex =] haha well, yeah I'm sick of typing so I'll update tomorrow k?

Je Taime,
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