Don't mess with a little girl's dreams.. (_beyondblonde) wrote,
Don't mess with a little girl's dreams..

eh....sooner or later im gonna update the background and everything else. but, lately there has been WAY too many projects and tests for every single one of my classes. and not to mention, finals coming up! FUCK! i quit high school. lol =]

 wow, there desperately needs to be something fun SOON. like a bonfire at the beach or something. ♥ hmmm that is a splendid idea!

school is boring and predictable as usual. same old thing EVERY DAY. when is anything exciting going to happen? GOSH!

well, i didnt make it to Rock-a-Hula. But, instead i went to the movies with my beloved Angie Pangie Bo Bangie! ♥ yay! is was indubidably fun =]


 ahhh nothing else to write. <3 Peace ♥ Amanda

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