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damn. [~*Tuesday
11th March| @ 8:37pm]
so it's been FOREVER since i last updated this thing. new boyfriend. new hair. new life. new everything.
senior year :] loving it so far. i can't wait to get my license next month and then PROM.
can't wait to graduate and go off to college, hopefully irvine, with the boyfriend <3
001Whispered me a secret

25th August| @ 3:04pm]
summers almost over. its kind of depressing knowing that me and don will be at separate schools at least 20 minutes away. this year is going to be hard with so many people moving =[ and we have all the little freshmen to hang out with now =] so thats a plus.

anyways things have been.....weird lately. fighting with the boyfriend, fighting with the mother, and getting frustrated with even my closest of friends. and to make everything worse, weve had cheer practice. "hell week". its lame. =/ but whatever. hopefully i'll be able to go to universal on monday. and i hope don can go too because monday is the 29th which = 4 months♥ not that any of you guys really care. school is coming up, and im so not looking forward to more drama. theres always something wrong. but luckily we ended our 9th grade year somewhat on a happy note.

&& love

Whispered me a secret

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