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We learn something every day, and lots of times it's that what we learned the day before was wrong.

I'm so glad this week is finally over!

Work has been super stressful with many people on vacation and then several more getting sick and for part of the week we were only 9 of usually 34 people. Then yesterday, there was some IT glitch where some of our work didn't show up on our computers and when they finally fixed it, it was such a long list that it took ages to catch up with.

Because of that, we also had to deal with various doctors calling us, because they were waiting for all the stuff that didn't even show up. In my line of work, things have to get done on the day, often even within minutes of it showing up on our screens.* Meh.

Also, it has been so incredibly hot here, which didn't help at all. I've been cranky for most of the week!

But! Week is over! So, so happy about that. I think I could sleep for the whole weekend, which I'm not going to do, because I'm going to visit mabiana over the weekend. Whee. Probably going to sleep on the train, though.

(*For people that don't know, I'm a medical secretary and we work with digital dictation. The doctors dictate their reports/letters/etc. into the computer, push a button (or more) and then it shows up on our screens. Depending on what kind of thing that is, it shows up on various lists. We open the files and type it. There's a bit more to it, but that's the gist of things.)

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There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.*

Oh, hello there, I haven't updated in ages and I'm sure you've all missed me. Or not. Probably not those that follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (I keep going to Tumblr maybe once a day where I then reblog a million things at once).

* Fedcon is in two weeks and and it seems as if there are more guest cancellations than in previous years. Cancellations are to be expected, but it does suck when it only seems to be the guests I've been really looking forward to. Meh.

Canceled guests: LeVar Burton, Alexander Siddig, Katee Sackhoff. :(((
(And Christopher Kirby, but he doesn't fall into the category of people I've been looking forward to see.)

There are still plenty of people that I want to see, but yeah.

* Camp Sparkle will be in June this year and some of us have already made plans to go to London to see Colin Morgan in The Tempest! So exciting! :D

* Work has been kind of awful in the past month. But on the bright side, the annual performance review went well. Yay.

* Got a Dreamwidth notification that my paid account is expiring in a few days. I'm not sure if I should renew for another year or not. It's not as if I post that much and of course I tend to forget to check my Dreamwidth reading list. A free account would totally suffice (except maybe for the icons). Need to think about that.

* Going to see Iron Man 3 on Tuesday! Can't wait!

* Have I mentioned yet that I now have more TV stations, which one of them is Syfy (still a very stupid name)? The fun thing is that they air like a million Star Trek episodes every day and I'm totally loving it! :D

The ironic part is that while Syfy shows Defiance only a day after the US (and you can watch it in either the German dubbing or the English original version), I still have to acquire it by other means, because it airs on Tuesdays which is usually my cinema day!

* There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. --> LOLOLOLOLOL
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Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

Happy making things:
- I think most people that are interested have already seen it, but here are two videos of a behind the scenes Legend of the Seeker thing and it's adorable and fun and <333! Here and the same scene from a different angle here. :DDD

- The Viennese Leopold Museum currently has an exhibition that's called "Nude Men", which is pretty much naked men in art. The best thing is that, because they had so many requests, they offered to do special guided tours for nudists this past Monday. The tours were outside of the regular opening hours and only naked people were allowed in (Nacktführung im Leopold Museum). Kind of awesome. Hehe. Loved the expression "textilloses Puplikum" in the article! :D

- It's the Oscar's tonight. And I have a day off tomorrow, so it's going to be a loooooong night for me. :D

- The Nordic World Ski Championships have started last Wednesday and so far it's been really great. Love all the ski jumping and cross-country skiing! :D

- I won kat_fanfic during the sterekcampaign auctions and she wrote me an awesome song and performed it and it's so, so happy making! Whee! :D
Hopefully the widget thingy works, so that you can listen to it too! If not, you can find it here.

Not so happy things:
-Collapse )

- Collapse )
sheepy wants to give you a flower

It's okay if you mess up. You should give yourself a break.

In the past week I went to the cinema for the first time this year. Unlike my usual cinema times, it wasn't a Sneak Preview. S and I watched Jack Reacher, which was quite boring to be honest and nothing what the trailer promised. Woe!

I haven't read any of the Jack Reacher books, but I still found it all kinds of amusing that a character who is described as being over 6 feet tall is played by Tom Cruise. Hah!

That was on Monday and Tuesday evening I met up with an old friend from primary school. She's pretty much the only one I'm still sort of in touch with and actually see at least once a year. Although, I think we haven't managed to meet last year. Anyway, it was quite fun, we went out to dinner and the food was very good. She's a very, very talkative person and you can't help talking a lot as well just to get a few words in. Heh. It was nice, but I was pretty much talked out when I got home that evening.

Wednesday marked the day that the lady boss came back to work from her vacation. I was so relieved, because I hate dealing with all the whiny people in our department in her absence. Wah! And of course I immediately asked if I can have a few days off in compensation for my cancelled holiday after New Years! So, yes, I've been off since Thursday and I'm going back to work on Tuesday! So needed that!

Thursday, I pretty much slept and read and that was all. Didn't even leave my flat, not even to go to my mailbox!

Friday evening I went to T and M's place for a game evening. It was pretty much the usual Sneak Preview crowd with two additional people and it was quite fun. We played The Settlers of Catan, which was only my second time playing (first time being at New Year's Eve) and I lost tragically.
After that there was food and another game called Nobody Is Perfect. Fun game, but again I didn't win. (But I didn't lose either!)

Somewhere in between I also played a bit of WoW, not that much, but I finally managed to get my third character to level 90. Yay.
poldi will dir fressen

I think it's always a good move to listen to that inner voice, if it doesn't lead to a crime.

I was supposed to have January 2nd - 4th off work, but then my the lady boss (who is on vacation from December 21st to January 8th) "asked" me to cancel my vacation. She'd totally forgotten that someone new will start on January 2nd and when she's not in, I have to do all that stuff. Great. So looking forward to it. Not.

But I insisted on having at least December 21st off, especially because I'd already asked to get that day last January! It'll be the first time I have a day off on my birthday. The last few years I wasn't allowed to go.

But! I have tomorrow off, because I'm going to Innsbruck for the weekend! And it'll be fun! I've never been to Innsbruck and I'm very much looking forward to it! I so need this weekend away!

I've watched the Japanese teaser trailer for the Collapse )

And I have tickets to see the Hobbit next week Thursday! Wohoo! :D

There will be new Miranda in a few weeks! Wheee! :D
Tom Ellis says so! Here and here! This is what I call awesome! Such fun! :D
lewis and hathaway (veradee - shareable)

If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.

There were a few things that I wanted to write about, but then I never did (the story of my LJ/DW life!). Oh well.

* One of my co-workers retired and she invited us out to dinner at a nice restaurant, where the food was delicious and then a group of guys out on a Polterabend (stag night) crashed our dinner and flirted and gave us shots and stuff. They were pretty hilarious and the soon-to-be-someone's-husband wore a bee costume!!! Poor guy. ;)

After dinner a few of us went out to the Altstadt (old town), which is pretty much just one bar after the other. We went to one bar, which was tiny and filled with smoke (still coughing thinking about it, also we don't have a general no smoking law here, woe!). I had one drink and then I went home, because ugh. The others went on to another bar that was just as tiny and filled with smoke (which is why I went home).

* OMG! Flashpoint is back! I love that show even though it makes me cry a lot. I heard it was to be the last season of the show. :(((

* Yesterday, I finished levelling my 7th level cap character in WoW! It's a resto druid, a tauren girl. :) I levelled her in a pair with liriel_'s orc warlock, good team, and Li seemed to be quite in awe that she managed to get a warlock to 85. ;)

And now I'll enjoy my 7 level 85 toons for three days (!) before the next expansion comes out and they raise the level cap to 90. Heh.
lance eyes

We're all in this alone.

I've had an awful shitty day at work where I had a rather heated argument with some of the co-workers. And then I yelled and slammed the door and went to the toilet to cry. And then I had an argument with the lady boss and I wanted to cry some more (which I didn't).

And mostly I'm angry at myself/hate myself for yelling and crying. And yeah. Stupid day.

Then I came home and it was patch day on the EU servers for WoW and most addons don't work anymore and my stupid warlock has pink soulshards floating around her head now and I don't know anymore how to play her. I ran a dungeon and it was just awful. Haven't really looked at my other characters, except to log in for the account wide achievements.

For some reason the character screen looks all weird now. The skin tone of both my draenei is very purple looking and nothing like the skin tone I created them with (they are more blue-ish) and how they look when I log in. It's almost as if the contrast and color balance is different from before, but everything looks normal when I log into the game. It's just the character selection that's affected.

On the bright side, keksmitmilch is playing again and she's also in my guild now! :D
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Never eat more than you can lift.

Things of note:

-- It looks like I'm going to Fedcon again next year! Yay! mabiana, [profile] tmzcori, [personal profile] chanii, and I bought our tickets at pretty much the same time, so there's hope that we have con numbers that are close together (more chance to sit together). mabiana and I are sharing a room at the second con hotel again! :D

-- I have not seen the new Spiderman movie and I probably won't, because I missed all the non-dubbed showings. I'm not very keen on seeing movies when they are dubbed, which is unfortunate, because they dub everything! D:

-- I have seen Ice Age 4, though, which was cute and funny! :)

-- I saw Die Ärzte in June in Vienna and last week I bought tickets for the Ärzte concert in my home town in October! Yay. It's their comeback tour! The tour is called "Das Comeback", because they haven't been on tour in a very, very long time. No really. It'll be months between the current tour and the next, it's a long time. Um, yeah, what can I say, it's the Ärzte. ;)

-- Summer time means lots of people on holiday means busy time at work. I'm already exhausted. Also, the lady boss called in sick today.

-- First post in July. Only three posts in June, I really don't know how that happened. I should post more. (Yes, I know, I always say that.)

-- Yesterday morning, some fat person (=me) broke the toilet seat. /o\ Bought a new one today. At least the new one is so much prettier (purple stripes!) than the old (white) one.

-- Going to bed now, because I'm so very tired. Good night.
i want to believe

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Thanks so much for the dragons, leashy_bebes and fuzzytomato02! They really made my day! *hugs*

And thanks, [personal profile] sperrywink, for the Valentine's card! A robot Valentine's card, so awesome and cute! Hee. Thanks so much! <333

All this social networking stuff is getting a bit much lately for me. Haven't been on Tumblr in ages. Have been on a little Twitter break this past week as well. It's just getting a bit much and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed and stressed.

Took a day off tomorrow. Partly because I have too much overtime (everything that's over 20 h overtime at the end of the month will get cut) and partly because it's Oscar night. Let's see if I can manage to stay up all night. The show starts at 2 am overe here.
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The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done.

Lady boss is on sick leave. A few others are on sick leave, too, and of course a few more are on vacation. The work load's getting crazy and aside from that there's also the digital dictation systems upgrade for the remaining 9 people in the department that still don't have it. With all systems updates/upgrades this comes with many complications! All that makes for a very tired Bettina. Only two more days and then it's the weekend! Can't wait.

Last night was the third attempt at a Sneak Preview this year. And finally it worked! Yay. Got to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Not really my kind of movie, but lots of great actors!

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Das kleine Ich-bin-ich wird dieses Jahr schon 40! <333